Sunday, November 03, 2013

Upper Clement's Park - Part 4

Excited much?

Dry... but not for long.

And down they go!

Aidan's expression is priceless, and I, in the very back, appear to be missing my head :)

These were harder than they look. 
You were allowed to go around 3x, but I only made it twice.

Luke made it around 1 full time, and I was VERY impressed!!! 
Applying the brakes was a bit tricky; thankfully, the attendant ran out to assist him.

How about a fierce game of Laser Tag?

Train ride.

♥ oldest and youngest ♥

My precious 6 year old.

A sleepy toddler.

Aidan takes a turn on the biplanes :)

And last but not least...
Do you remember this ride that Asher despised? 
Apparently, all it takes is a sweet little girl asking him to accompany her and he readily complied :)

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K. Humby said...

A sweet little girl... this is highly amusing!!!! lol! Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time!!! :)