Monday, November 18, 2013

McNab's Island

Birding is great way to explore places you might never visit otherwise.

While waiting for our group to arrive, we spotted a Lesser Yellowlegs (new bird for us).

Anticipating a gorgeous day!

Main Road Trail it is.

After arriving the island, it wasn't long before we sighted a Greater Yellowlegs (again, a new bird for us).
2 noticable differences when comparing the Lesser Yellowlegs to the Greater Yellowlegs is:
. The Greater is definitely larger.
. The Greater has a bill that appears slightly upturned and blunt-tipped, whereas the Lesser's bill is straight and sharp-pointed. 

Gull's footprint in the sand

Granddad resting for a a few minutes before continuing the hike.

My avid birder

Too funny that 2 little boys are both pointing at me in their pics :) Actually, a helicopter flew over the water!

Our ferry ride to and from the island... so not what I was expecting. Asher and Luke were a bit nervous.

Aidan really enjoyed his day... all 6 hours of it searching for birds :)

An immature Heron Gull greeted us on our arrival back at the dock!!!

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Jennifer Boll said...

He is learning so much! So cool that you take time to bird with him.