Sunday, September 29, 2013

Asher is TWO

Chocolate Eclair Cake

He wasn't too sure about the candles, especially when we wouldn't let him grab them.
And he didn't ever really attempt to blow them out... which is probably a good thing, since his blowing involves at least as much or even more spit than air ;)

 The candles are out and the finger is in.... Mmmmmm.

Funny boy!
I chose this particular dessert for him, because I thought he would like the creamy filling. However, he ate the chocolate off the top and preceded to dump the rest of his piece onto Lukie's plate. Luke was not impressed and promptly refused to eat another bite. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

My "6 Boys" and Granddad.

♥ Sean, Asher, and Luke ♥

Time for presents!


Super excited about his new Thomas the Train book!


Sweet little boy!

 Classic Asher... he still has few words, but can make his wishes known!

Little Boys

Well, I guess that is one way to carry the blueberry picking bowls!

Asher's "cheese" face

Mega cuteness!

Cute Little Fella'

Not really sure what became of its family, but this little one wandered around our yard for almost a month alone. It seemed to especially enjoy the apples that had fallen to the ground.
Our main concern was carefully monitoring Asher as he loves to chase the wildlife, in hopes of catching it... and well, this fella' was NOT fast enough to avoid capture.

This baby porcupine is approximately as big as a Size 3 soccer ball ... not very big at all!

Check out those quills as it puffed up around the middle, making the back area flat... we were too close for comfort!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Luke's 1st fishing expedition

He asked for and received a brand new fishing rod for his birthday and could hardly wait for the time and tide to be right (has to be high tide for Mackerel)!!!

 Fishing lessons from Daddy :)

Solo performance!

Meanwhile, "bubbies" were just across the bay...

 and little brother was doing what he does best... throwing rocks in the ocean...

and getting wet!

My almost 2 year old.

Time for a break!

Asher climbing the hill to sit with Luke.

Dinghy Race

The boys' sailing club holds several races at the end of their day (lessons are from 9-4), and they can invite friends or family members to crew for them:)

Ready to brave the cold waters and nervous; can you tell?

 Last minute preparations

And we're off

Or not.
I was just sure we were flipping and bailed while I could maintain some level of control. 
Thankfully, Sean was able to haul me back into the boat!

Let's try this one more time.

Our competition

We completed 3 races and returned just as the sun was setting.