Monday, April 26, 2010


Not even sure that is a word, but you will see that this post is aptly named nonetheless:)

Prepared and waiting.....

He rotated to inform me,

"Sit with me, Daddy."

It is much easier to sit still and listen when one's body is occupied;)

On a side note:

The baby Song Sparrows are quickly maturing.

I think their little pink and yellows beaks are quite cute:)

A storm brewing.

Dicentra spectabilis Pink
Better known as Bleeding Heart or perhaps even Dutchman's Trousers.
Little did I know that these plants are perennial or that they reach 2'-3' in both height and diameter.
I vaguely recall transplanting it from a hanging basket to this location years ago, but only remember it sprouting and blooming the last couple of years.

Walking past this plant one day, I was struck by the both the color and configuration of its blossoms.
It reminded of my children....
Both the color and the heart-shape
symbolic of my love for them.
The arrangement of size, from bigger to smaller,
emphasizing the fact that time is fleeting.
Even as younger ones have been added to our family,
our older sons are growing up.
Sometimes, I have wished that I could freeze time - that I could keep my boys from growing older and keep them with me forever. I have kept a watch for that perfect day when everyone is happy and healthy.
But then I know without a doubt, that I would miss those precious moments of excitement and discovery, and, yes, even those times when growing in maturity feels like 2 painful steps backward and only one small step forward. Most importantly, I would never know the Godly men they will become or see them actively serving Him in whatever position He places them.

Truly, "Children are a gift from the Lord."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring in Full Swing

The dandelions have been out for a while now (and believe me Luke has gathered probably hundreds of them), and are now going to seed. I have been showing Luke how to blow them; or if that fails, to shake the seed outs!

"See my dandelion, Mommy?

Luke's turn to take a look
or perhaps not, but he sure is trying;)

Song Sparrow egg's in the front shrub.

Momma bird

and just 2 days ago,
her babies!!!

Luke loves to check out the eggs with his "binoculars" every day.
(The pair he has been using are actually night vision goggles - LOL)
Today, he was begging to see the eggs and not grasping the fact that the eggs hatched into baby birds. So we watched some videos on Youtube, and I think he sort of finally got it,
but then he brought me an egg from the fridge and stuck it in his mouth.
Not really sure what he thinks is going on..........




(Need to work on finding/taking a winter pic.)