Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011 (1 day early too:)

After opening stockings around 6:45am, followed by a yummy breakfast a few hours later...
FINALLY time to open gifts:)

Check out that mohawk;)

Loving his new "cars".

The look on his face says it all - shock and complete delight!!!

Just what he wanted - walkie talkie watches.

What is it?
Flint and throwing knives

There is nothing else quite like watching your own children experience Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve 2011 (a day early)

My exact sentiments - initially.
But this year, with Christmas falling on Sunday, it worked out best for us celebrate everything 1 day early,
AND it was super awesome not having to wait 1 - more - day:)
Without further ado:

Photo op first - "Hurry up, Mommy!"

Following tradition, they each opened one gift from each other.
Just look at those excited, happy faces.

After they were all soundly tucked in bed,
The stockings were set out with care...

and the gifts all placed around the tree.

Luke's roller coaster was just too big,
so it was assembled in the tv room.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Charis and her bike

(yes, she really did slip right off the back of her seat and land right on her backside. She also tipped over at least twice - she went flying down our driveway, not really knowing how to stop or slow down to make a 90* turn:( What a brave girl to get right back up on her bike and try again!!!

Katie and Charis come to play

I think Asher loves his Aunt Katie:)

Charis and Asher

Charis and Luke
Always fun to have a cousin so close in age.

A beautiful little girl...

with a very pretty hairdo.

3 handsome men (mine;)

2 gorgeous gals (can I claim them too?)

Winter recital 2011

Once again, we enjoyed a variety of music performed by students, my student's student and even some piano students (not mine) -
piano solos, violin solos, and a violin duet.
Everyone did a fabulous job!!!
(this was Aidan's very 1st recital)

2 short clips

Asher in December

Continuing the theme of "firsts" for Asher:
. he rolled from belly to back and was soooooo proud of himself
. he has become a Bona fide thumb sucker
. he tried out both the exersaucer and the johnny jumper and appears to enjoy them
. he celebrated his 1st Christmas
. he seems to respond to the question, "Do you want to eat?" by wiggling, complaining, and licking his lips
Each day his personality becomes more defined:
He definitely has a preference and is quick to let you know.
He is a finicky eater and will only eat when he is truly hungry, preferring no distractions and
a steady flow of milk vs. "let down." He is a very happy, busy baby, constantly jabbering or in motion. Even while nursing, he is kicking his legs, pushing with his feet; his little hand in front is either smacking me or pawing at me like a kitten, and his hand under my arm is most often scratching the pillow case.
He LOVES to be entertained (especially by Luke).

Our little Tintin - as Patrick affectionately calls him;)

Drew and Asher

Mommy and her "babies".

This was the present that Luke had me wrap up for Asher (his car from Steak and Shake).
Lacking patience, Luke helped Asher open it a few days early,
and I think Asher quite enjoyed playing with it for a little while.

In the exersaucer for the 1st time.

I think he LIKES it:)

Playing together.

Each morning, the 1st words out of Luke's mouth are usually, "Mommy, can I hold Asher. Plllleeaase!!!"Luke is becoming quite skilled at toting his baby brother around. He can now pick him up off the floor/ set him back down, walk around the house with him, undress him (when Mommy asks;), and sit holding him - Asher rarely cries anymore.

Not content sitting back.
This boy wants to sit up so badly.

After 4-5 weeks of sleep regression (only sleeping at night if he was in my arms or nursing), this boy now SLEEPS all night and even naps in his crib (yes, he graduated from his bassinet or swing to the crib). For the last couple of weeks, he averages 9-10 hours between feeds at night.
What a big boy!!! We are so proud of you!

Asher in Nov. and Luke too:)

Based on this series of pics, one might almost think that Asher slept his way through November;) He didn't, but at least I was able to set him down for a short nap in the swing .
His "firsts" for this month include:
. rolling over from belly to back
. his thrush is GONE
. 9 1/2 hours between feeds (this one was short-lived)

Soundly asleep (for a few minutes at least;) on his belly in the bassinet.

Working on his upper body strength.

WTG, Asher:)

Napping in his swing...


and again.
Going with the flow... for now this works and I am grateful.
I will revisit his napping location when/if it becomes a problem.


He was hungry. This was an apple just in case you can't tell.

A closer view of the core. WOW!