Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Around our Neighborhood

Springtime on our street, as it turns out, is pretty fantastic!
Azaleas, Pink Magnolias, Daffodils, Crocus, Tulips. and Prairie Fire Crabapples are all in bloom. 
And there are still so many more to come: Rhododendrons, Lilies, Clematis, Hostas, Dahlias, and Peonies to name a few.


The weather has been perfect for bike rides and walks through the neighborhood.

He has so much fun on his Strider Bike, and his balance is impeccable.

He is so FAST!!!

Here he comes.

Luke, a pro on his new bike
Kind of hard to believe that he only began riding a bike just a few weeks ago.

Overnight Getaway - Part 3

Jackson Triggs Winery - Tasting and Tour

I have toured a winery before, but it was the first time we had been taken outdoors where it all begins. From grafting, to pruning, to the age of the vines, I found it all very interesting.

It really was quite a sight to behold.

 Stainless steel vats for the red wine.

Oak, American or French, it does make a difference.

This August will mark 19 years we have been married. 
Oh, how I love this man and the life we have built together!

 The ice had not fully melted.

Look forward to bringing the boys here in the summer.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Overnight Getaway - Part 2

The next morning we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast in a corner window overlooking the falls. Fresh fruit, blueberries and raspberries, over mini waffles with maple syrup and whipped cream and bacon were my morning selections. Patrick enjoyed a cooked-to-order omelet. 

Afterwards, we took a leisurely stroll back down to the falls. 

Just as beautiful in the morning light.

I don't think pictures can begin to capture the magnitude of the Canadian Falls.

This Robin was definitely showing off.

A BLACK squirrel

Next we drove a few miles to Bird Kingdom.
What a sweet husband I have!!!

This Bearded Dragon was in Explorer's Base Camp which meant you could pet him.

I promise this was not a stuffed animal. He was alive and could be held.

Zebra Finch from Australia

House Sparrow from Canada
Even though this last bird was photographed earlier in the day, I thought it was neat to compare the similarities and differences between a native and a "foreigner".

Overnight Getaway - Part 1

No longer frozen solid, but there was still a lot of ice and snow on the American side of the falls.

Down in the tunnels almost behind the U-shaped falls.

Behind the falls - thunderous and cold

Ring-billed Gull posing for everyone.

Solar bow

Above the horseshoe falls, you could still just glimpse the bow.

A view of the city from our bedroom window

We had a fantastic view!

 We kept watching and waiting and finally... 
I really enjoyed watching the colors slowly change over time.
Don't they remind you of rainbow sherbet? 

Flower Power

They are each unique and colorful. They are fragrant and brighten my mood. I love photographing them.

Inner beauty

What is about tulips that catch the eye?

I love the contrast in the picture - the stately hyacinth (oh, it smells heavenly), surrounded by an odd collection of completely unrelated items. Or maybe they are connected, considering I have a house full of boys. Although my guess is that only one little boy was responsible for this assemblage.


Monday, May 04, 2015

Egg Hunt 2015

Pictures first, please!

Take 1 
What a great pic of Luke and Aidan, but Asher... seriously.

That'll do :)

First, a bit of artwork while Daddy hides the eggs.

It might have taken him a minute to figure it out, but my boot is proof he became quite proficient.

Planned and executed with precision.
Their personalities shine as they create!

All ready!


Golden eggs were a huge hit this year.
Asher was beyond impressed to discover his very own money inside.

Daddy to the rescue 
Ooops, he tripped and fell while dashing around, searching for more eggs.

This one wasn't too hard to find.

It took a bit of searching, along with some assistance, to find his golden egg in this bush.


Aidan wins.

They all three sat in the front yard for quite some time gobbling down candy.