Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Overnight Getaway - Part 2

The next morning we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast in a corner window overlooking the falls. Fresh fruit, blueberries and raspberries, over mini waffles with maple syrup and whipped cream and bacon were my morning selections. Patrick enjoyed a cooked-to-order omelet. 

Afterwards, we took a leisurely stroll back down to the falls. 

Just as beautiful in the morning light.

I don't think pictures can begin to capture the magnitude of the Canadian Falls.

This Robin was definitely showing off.

A BLACK squirrel

Next we drove a few miles to Bird Kingdom.
What a sweet husband I have!!!

This Bearded Dragon was in Explorer's Base Camp which meant you could pet him.

I promise this was not a stuffed animal. He was alive and could be held.

Zebra Finch from Australia

House Sparrow from Canada
Even though this last bird was photographed earlier in the day, I thought it was neat to compare the similarities and differences between a native and a "foreigner".

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