Monday, November 26, 2007

Silly Boys =

Really cute pictures!!!!!!Laughing at Drew
Can you believe the boys brought Luke to me dressed like this?
Ride 'em cowboys!
(Too bad the horse is in such sad shape - over time, they have slowly ripped out the mane.)
Aidan walked off in the middle of the shot:)
I sure am a cute cowboy!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A very special croc

Now I am sure you are thinking, "A special shoe????? Come on, it's just a croc!" To which I would respond, "Well, not just any croc:)" You see, about 2 weeks ago, Aidan was playing outside and decided to shed his crocs next to our friend's goalpost; unfortunately, one was missing when he returned. We immediately guessed that one of the neighborhood dogs had run off with it; and we searched all around, but could not find it. I told Aidan to remember to ask our neighbor about it next time he saw him, and also prayed that it would turn up as they are practically brand new and it is kind of hard to wear only one shoe.
Today, after arriving home from church, I saw one of the dogs chewing on something and was quite curious. Mind you, he was across the road in our neighbor's yard at the bottom of her hill - I'm surprised I even noticed him. As I stood there watching, I saw a flash of red and was like, "No way!" I sent Drew to investigate and here is what he brought back.

The missing red croc, little worse for wear.

This shoe stands witness to the truth that God hears and answers our prayers:)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Rolling, rolling, rolling

I know this camera does not take the best videos, but this proud Momma doesn't care:) He loves rolling over!!! Good thing he doesn't mind being on his belly.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Love of My Life

I have a moment to finally finish this post as 4 of my men are off for a bike ride - exercise = a big appetite for a huge Thanksgiving meal;)
This blog is normally about my boys (particularly the child variety). However, there is one GUY in my life whom I love more than anyone else. Can you guess who this is? He is a wonderful husband and an incredible father. So this Thanksgiving I am dedicating this post to him. I am so GRATEFUL to God for Patrick!!!!!! Two Sundays ago after a much needed nap, I awakened to the wonderful aroma of homemade chicken soup. Yes, he boiled the chicken, picked the meat from the bones, and chopped fresh vegetables. Doesn't it look delicious? Patrick with his new bike!!!!
Gary Fisher Kaitai

Monday, November 19, 2007

Click on the link!!!!

Hey, I just made a total elf of my boys. Check it out by clicking the link below.
My elf boys

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lukie Pookie

First of all, a short story concerning his nickname. You see, ALL of our boys have one and Luke's was designed to match theirs - Seany Poo, Drewter Pewter, Aidan Paidan, and thus, Lukie Pookie. Getting a clean diaper before entering Dollywood.
I love my hands.
They are so yummy!
Smiling at Mommy:)

Sleeping angel with the chubby cheeks.

Bath time - really he loves anything that involves NO clothes.

Sorry about the lack of coverage, but he just discovered his feet and I could not resist.

He absolutely adores this mobile above the changing table. It is actually becoming hard to get him changed what with his hands, feet, and mobile ALL in the way.

Sweet victory!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

4 Month Stats

Luke has changed so much during his 3rd month and I want to record my memories for future reference. I will divide them into 2 categories - physical and social!

1. He started to gain confidence on his side and finally rolled over back to tummy once on Nov. 6th and again on Nov. 7th.
2. He is very good at grabbing his toys with both hands (prefers the right) and placing them in his mouth.
3. He also realizes that the toy is still there even when it is not directly in front of him and will turn and reach to grab it.
4. He can entertain himself for quite a while
5. He sleeps regularly from 9:30 or 10pm until 8 or 8:30am when I often find myself waking him up.

6. However, if he wakes up first, I am greeted with scratching (he loves to scratch fabrics) and a huge grin as he lifts his head high enough to see me - he knows right where I am.
7. He is much more clear with his feeding signs - hungry, all done, or switch sides - and is also finishing more quickly.
8. He prefers to be put down when he is tired and loves to sleep on his side with index finger and hair.
9. He squeals, laughs and is even trying to blow "raspberries."
10. He adores his brothers

At birth
Weight: 10lb. 9oz
Height: 22 1/4

2 mth.
Weight: 13lb. 9 1/2oz
Height: 24 1/2

4 mth.
Weight: 16lb. 9oz
Height: 26 1/2

So as you can see, he is gaining around 3lb. and growing 2in. over a 2 mth. span. His Dr. was quite pleased and so am I (the oatmeal must really be making a difference). The only downfall being, at this rate I will be toting a 6mth. baby who weighs over 20lbs. (none of my other boys have even made 20lb. by a year). Also it seems that cotton, footed sleepers are not made in 12mth. sizes, and I don't want my 4mth. old in 2 piece pjs already:(

Yesterday, he had his 4mth. shots and Aidan his 5yr. ones. They both did awesome. Neither of them cried from the needles, but only as the antigenic material was injected into their thighs. Oh, that sounds awful and IS awful!!!!! Afterwards, Aidan received a coupon for a FREE order of fries at McDonalds and a pack of Pokemon cards. Lukie got "milkies", cuddles and a nap. Here are a few pics of my 2 youngest sons as we were waiting in the exam room for their Dr.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Other Half

Finally, here are the pics from the second half of our vacation!!! We had such a wonderful time in Dayton - visiting Ren, Michelle, and Meghan for a few hours (I can't wait until they move to Nashville, TN only 3hr. away:), meeting our newest niece, Charis, and hanging out with Katie and Sean. It was so worth waking up at 4:30am to nurse Luke and get on the road. It was also really fun for the whole family to camp out together in Katie's front room. BTW, I really did narrow these down, I promise, and they are in random order. I love the expression on Sean and Charis' face. It is as though they are copying each other.
I loved snuggling once again with a "tiny" baby. Better yet, it is my beautiful niece!!!Let's all sit on Sean!Watching a movie together.
Charis really does like her Uncle Patrick just not quite as well as her daddy;)
Come on, it's not like he knows what to do with a baby girl - at least, not yet! Charis and Aidan
Drew and Charis

Where did the baby go? Meghan is such a cute big girl now. We all had the priviledge of receiving bear hugs and kisses before she left!!!Aunt Michelle and Charis
Aidan and Uncle Ren
Sorry no belly pics this time. Sleeping princess!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dollywood - Day 1

*Just a short forewarning, the first half of our holiday is divided into 3 posts. It was hard trimming down almost 100 pictures to these select few. The second half of our vacation will soon follow. *
Finally, we were able to take a much-needed family holiday. The weather was perfect and the foliage was amazing!!! (This was a true answer to prayer as the week before had been our original date; but due to a rainy, cold week, we quickly called the hotel, exchanged dates, and prayed for warm, dry weather.) We spent 4 days in Pigeon Forge enjoying the amusement park, swimming, and even a little shoppping. First ride of the day - the Dizzy Disk:)

("Passengers settle into their seats facing outward for a ride that glides back and forth while simultaneously spinning in circles.")Definitely in MOTION!
Daddy and Aidan on the Scrambler.

Dragon rider.
Deer rider.
Bunny rider.

Aidan and Mommy on the little kid's roller coaster.

Lumberjack Lift
I could only handle hauling us up 3x.
Timber Tower

This ride stalled as Sean and Drew were on the way up. They sat there for a few minutes waiting for it to be fixed. If you look very carefully, you can see them on the left. Patiently or is it impatiently? :)
Aidan was such a sweet boy to contentedly stand by and watch as his older brothers, Mommy, and Daddy rode the rides for which he has not quite made the height requirement - he is so close.

Dollywood - Day 2

For some reason, I only ended up with 5 pictures from day two. We took his "wool" for naptimes. It also really helped to keep him toasty warm.
When he was tired, we just reclined the stroller fully, placed his "wool" inside, laid him down, and voila - he popped in his finger, grabbed his hair, and drifted off to sleep. It really worked quite well, and each day, he napped a little bit better/longer than the day before. Our handsome, blue-eyed boy!
Can you tell the pattern of the flowers?

I realized the last day that they actually create something.Aidan, Sean, and Drew