Friday, November 19, 2010

"Lukie Pookie"

I cannot begin to express the joy Luke has brought to our family. Just today, Aidan (who is assigned to play with Luke while I assist the older boys with their schoolwork) rushed into my room exclaiming, "Mommy, I am having so much fun.... I didn't realize 3 year olds could be so fun!!!!" He is ever surprising us, making us laugh with his silly antics, cute expressions, and adorable lisp....
once again, this is just a collection of Lukie pictures from the last 2-3 months.

"Super babies"

Playing soccer

I have completely forgotton what the older boys were doing outside, but Luke decided to join them. Here he is dressed in his camo underwear, polo shirt and a vest. He grabbed 2 jackets, one to lay down on and one to use as covers ... believe me it was COLD outside!
He curled up just outside our front door on the mat for a nap.
What a silly boy!!!

Dinosaur man

Once again, being silly... trying on bubbies brand new boxers.

Pretending to play gameboy.
(At the time, he could not really play it. But in just the last few days, he has discovered how to use the computer's mouse...)

Sonya, I meant to post this one for you after you posted "The Softer Side of M.O"
This is the "baby" that Luke carried around for quite a few days - LOL.
I was glad to see this phase pass quickly, so that I could put on the new bedskirt.

Silly straw glasses.

How do you eat a lollipop?
(BTW, I think he licked them once or twice and then tossed them in the trash)

Can you say snugglebug?
This our new king-sized bed; yet Patrick is still hanging off his side, and Luke is planted squarely in the center of Patrick's pillow. WHY??? Because he absolutely has to be up against one of us when he sleeps in our bed.

No, this is not the outfit I put on Luke.
He shed the shirt I dressed him in and chose this vest instead.