Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mustache Day

"It's Mustache Day tomorrow at school. Do you have an idea of what I can wear?"
Not exactly what one wants to hear just as their headed for bed. Plus, I didn't want to draw a permanent mustache on one of their good t-shirts. Drew and I quickly brainstormed and came up with this:

Not bad for a last minute idea executed with a bit of tape!

Not bad at all!!!
And better yet, today I discovered two small balls of tape in the dryer. It washed right off and ruined nothing!



Right half~~~~~~~~~~~~Left half
I know it looks like a lot, but it wasn't (well, quite a few empty boxes). Maria had already gone through most of it, and it just needed to be shifted around a bit. Really a perfect job for a certain someone who loves puzzles (even not-so-typical ones) and her trusty partner, Aidan.


You can see that there are no major changes to the right half of the room... just neatly stacked. 

The left half of the room is a DRAMATIC change, and most everything was moved to and easily organized on the right side (told you there wasn't really that much stuff... it just looks like a lot when it is spread out). It is now the perfect place for a bunch of teenagers who had a blast down there on Friday night!!!
Shuffleboard, Table tennis, game table, Fridge stuffed with pop, snacks, pizza, lots of space and chairs, even exercise equipment... what's not to love!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Go, Team!

Wish these pictures turned out better. I was fighting the camera all night; but with low batteries, I couldn't take the time to find the best setting. 

They were both starters for this game!

These two have been such a blessing both this year and last.
Last year, I remember the boys telling us about their new coaches... "Mrs. B. designs the "torture", and Mr. D. enforces!!!" Yes, they have pushed the boys and trained them hard, but they also seem to know just what to say to encourage and motivate them too!

Sean swishes his free throw!

Move your feet... clearly the are:)

Drew swishes his free throw!!!

At half time, the boys were down 32 to 37... only 5 pts. 
Between Sean and Drew, they had scored more than 1/2 these points. 
They ended up losing by 18 points, but last year they lost to this team by at least 50 points. 
 Sean won MVP and nailed three 3 pt. shots,  scoring a total of 20 pts!
Drew had his best game to date. He also nailed a 3 pointer and scored 9 pts!

Spoiled or Not

Lie down for a back rub while eating fruit gummies... not spoiled at all ;)
Admittedly, it was Luke's idea and not Asher's demand for attention.

Play Ipad in a tent... again, Luke doting on his little brother.

 First flakes of the year... not sure if he remembered them from last year or not. 
What about snow demands seeing, touching, and tasting?

He does still sleep this way sometimes... adorable!!!

Recline in a cushy chair in a basket for transportation with toys provided... by now I am sure you  can guess who set this up :)

Friends and Costumes

Cutest and warmest little penguin in town!
He also turned out to be the most forward penguin. At a couple of houses, he was offered the bowl to make his own selection... not really a problem until he decided that he should barge in and grab whatever caught his eye at every house. Thankfully, he was adorable and most people just laughed. 

Wraith, penguin, and blue ninja

The "littles"! 
They were troopes, marching up and down stairs for almost 2 hours. 

And the "bigs". 
What a haul!!!

You know this is one of my sons when there is sooooo much candy to be had and he helps himself to the tomatoes :)
Such a fun night hanging out with friends.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Always such a fun activity to do with the boys. They design it, and I carve it!

Just Like That!

My baby is not such a baby anymore.

He understands pretty much EVERYTHING,
is quite adept with an Ipad,
and recognizes some colors, letters, and numbers, but he still speaks very little.
What can he say?
Mama, Dada, Aidan, and Drew. He can say, but rarely does, Luke and Sean.
Door (pronounced like doe), more (moe), baby, bye bye, nigh nigh, blue (boo), moon (moo), butter (bubu), juice, YES (and yep), no (and nope), mine (my), me, tv (teetee), moo, meow, grrrrr, monkey (nyu nyu), one, apple (bapa), banana (nana), Nana, Granddad, downstairs (not clearly), right there (at least, I think that is what he says). 
He has also started tripling sounds like Ma ma ma which I think stands for "I want"???
He knows all his body parts.
He will talk one of these days when he is ready!!!

Orange Candle

All you need is an orange, oil, and a match.
Be patient as it is pretty tricky to light the first time.

Big Boy Hair Cut

So shaggy!
I don't know what got into me; but spur of the moment, I decided NO more little boy shag cut!

I think he is impressed to see a piece of his hair in my hand.
And you can see my willing photographer too:)

Marshmellows sure help to keep a happy boy:)

Such a good boy!

Complaining... so fake.

Almost done.

How does he look?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Big Boy Bed

Since arriving here, little man had been sleeping in a pack n' play, but he had grown to the point that he could no longer stretch out. I found this bed and mattress in excellent condition on Kijiji (similar to Craigslist) for a fraction of the price!

New bed and new room with big brothers... I think he is excited!

The 3 stooges

3 happy, hopefully sleepy boys ;)

They enjoyed it for a few nights; however, Asher's sleep did not improve and Aidan came down with a fever/sore throat... so he is now back in our room.
But he has actually started sleeping much better just this past week or two!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

McNab's Island

Birding is great way to explore places you might never visit otherwise.

While waiting for our group to arrive, we spotted a Lesser Yellowlegs (new bird for us).

Anticipating a gorgeous day!

Main Road Trail it is.

After arriving the island, it wasn't long before we sighted a Greater Yellowlegs (again, a new bird for us).
2 noticable differences when comparing the Lesser Yellowlegs to the Greater Yellowlegs is:
. The Greater is definitely larger.
. The Greater has a bill that appears slightly upturned and blunt-tipped, whereas the Lesser's bill is straight and sharp-pointed. 

Gull's footprint in the sand

Granddad resting for a a few minutes before continuing the hike.

My avid birder

Too funny that 2 little boys are both pointing at me in their pics :) Actually, a helicopter flew over the water!

Our ferry ride to and from the island... so not what I was expecting. Asher and Luke were a bit nervous.

Aidan really enjoyed his day... all 6 hours of it searching for birds :)

An immature Heron Gull greeted us on our arrival back at the dock!!!