Saturday, August 17, 2013


 Pretty fun to have one sitting in your yard for a month.

However, the cleanup, after the replacement of the septic system and the countless comings and goings across the yard, will be an ongoing process.

I believe this property is half dirt and half rock :(

Friday, August 16, 2013

Celebrating Drew's Life

The cake says it all!
Thankfully, Aidan let us borrow his hand-dipped beeswax candle for this momentous occasion!

I am pretty sure Asher has been in every birthday picture this year - both blowing at candles and opening gifts. He sure has sweet brothers:)

Happy birthday, dear Drew, happy birthday to you!


What could it be?

Why the odd expression?

(it was a joke, but could be traded in for the real thing)

Mowing The Lawn

Asher loves it!
Well to be totally honest, he LOVES the steering bit. I doubt he even comprehends the mowing aspect of it.



Junior Cup

It was an ocean race, but not just any.
Rather, they were invited to help crew (even skipper) yachts!

Sean (in the orange)

Drew (in the blue shirt with red life vest)

Sean is aboard "groovin'".
Headed out to sea.
Drew is aboard "Endeavor".


 Pain Killer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Endeavor


You can just barely see all 5 boats.

First Place - "groovin'"

What a beautiful, relaxing evening!!!

On The Way Home

We had visited these spectacular birds of prey once before, but without a camera. So on the way back from the bird walk with camera in hand, we decided to stop, hoping for a few good shots. Aidan and I worked together as a team - I manned the camera, and he walked towards the nest (which the bird found quite disturbing... interestingly enough, we switched rolls and nothing happened... I guess "Mommies" are kindred spirits).

Osprey and baby

Considering flight

Wings outstretched

Notice the partly eaten fish in its talons.

Swooping back in for a landing.

What regal birds!!!

Just as we were leaving, we spotted the partner keeping an eye on things from a tree nearby.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jerry Lawrence Park/Lewis Lake

Patrick and I were able to spend quality time, participating in his favorite activity - 

Magnolia Warbler
(first sighting)

Variable Dancer - Argia fumipennis 

Ebony Jewelwing - Calopteryx maculata

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nova Scotia Wild Blueberries

'Tis the season!
Our property is absolutely covered with these sweet tasting little morsels -
one could pick for hours (make that days) and barely make a dent.


My 3 little blueberry pickers... or is that "eaters" ;)

Not bad for an hours worth of fun (Aidan and I)... approximately 8-10 cups!
Just enough for Blueberry Cake and Blueberry Grunt (aka Slump, Bang Belly or Fungy - this dessert officially has the weirdest names;)

Monday, August 05, 2013

My Baby Sister - Peggys Cove

Just in time to watch the sun set!

Peggys Cove Lighthouse - 
my sister, Luke, Aidan, Drew, and Sean

Mar & Rachel

We were attempting to form "N" and "S"..
you know for Nova Scotia!!!
Only later did we realize we formed the N sort of backwards.
Who cares?
We were having so much fun goofing off together!

A round of hide n' seek.
We were expecting company back home and the sun was behind the clouds, so we left!

Almost home, we looked to the left and the sun popped out of the clouds!
We pulled over and took a few pics!
We ducked to avoid blocking the sun...
a certain young man (ahem) failed to inform us that it was not necessary - LOL!!!

Sure love this girl!