Monday, May 20, 2013

5 Brothers

Some might wonder what is special about this particular post. 
No, it is not showing off my sons' athletic abilities.
I confess that when we sent the 2 older boys to private school this year, we were concerned how it would affect their relationship with each other and with their younger siblings. I can't deny that is has changed things - the dynamics, the amount of time...
But I am proud to show you that they all still enjoy each others' company and no one is left out!

just happy dash around outside with his big brothers.

 who quickly and forcefully responded, "Just do it!!!" when we first approached him about giving Aidan a certain, early birthday present right after we belatedly presented him with a similar present.

who was quick to express to us, "This - his brothers receiving and everyone getting to rip board together  - is almost like getting a birthday present for himself."

who was 100% content for Sean to receive a rip board, even though he really wanted one and would be the only "big brother" without one.

and Luke...
cheerfully borrowing Drew's skateboard to participate in his own way.

Track and Field Meet - Take 5

Patrick (aka Daddy)

He wins the award for best "pusher",

 best "holder",

best "driver",

and best "chaser"!

The face of a man having fun with his sons.
(the way to this girl's heart)

Track and Field Meet - Take 4


First driving lesson
(always copying his big brothers ;)

He discovered a way UP; and better yet, a way DOWN that he enjoyed!

Sweet, sweet boy!

Sliding down feet first on his belly = FUN!

Steady there.
(Patrick challenged Aidan, Luke, and I to a contest - circle the playground on the "balance beam" without falling off... shouldn't have been surprised this little guy was paying attention and wanted in on the action).

Another boy who loved playing with the pea gravel.

Track and Field Meet - Take 3


If you look closely, you can see his rocket ready for blast off!
Boy am I glad that pea gravel can provide hours of entertainment.

What a monkey:)

"Look Mommy, no hands!"

See-saw partners...sort of.

"Best Day EVER!!!"

Track and Field Meet - Take 2


Notice the tiny orange shoes...
a certain little brother was standing behind him, trying to pinch/scratch any exposed skin. 

Flying high!

Track and Field Meet - Take 1

The one and only for the season. 
May 17, 2013

Not bad...
especially considering he did NOT practice or sign up for this event!

Ready, set, GO...
And they're off!

Holding steady!
(1500 meter)

True to form, Sean held back for the first 1-2 laps, but then began passing his competition.

Drew with his relay team - 4X100.
They took SILVER :)

Sean with his relay team - 4X200.
They took GOLD!!!

Team HCA made us PROUD!

On race day, we each had important roles to fill...
admittedly, some were NOT quite as enjoyable or glamorous. 
Patrick's job - picking up balls,
over and over and over.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

He Sure Has Grown!

And quite a bit since we arrived here in Canada. 
It was past time to reconfigure the straps (to the highest slot). 
Here he is all set to go... just not sure where or for how long considering this seat weighs 20+lbs. 
What a strapping lad!

100% Irresistible

Apparently, all Aidan has to do for an awesome pic, is to ask Asher if he wants to go outdoors. 
Of course, Asher's answer is always, "Yes!" 
Aidan then responds, "Smile!"
Voila, a ridiculously adorable photo that melts this Mommy's heart every time. 
How could anyone resist?

Puddles + dandelions = FUN.

(above photos courtesy of Aidan)


I was warned NOT to blink, but I did and look what happened. 

Happy birthday!

He is such an awesome big brother :)

And still a good sport for his mom 
(who loves to document all of these special moments).

Gift from Nana and Granddad.
Our gift to him was a shopping trip for Miami Heat apparel, rip board (which we actually forgot about until today), and an overnight camping trip (still nailing down the details and awaiting execution).

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Portrait of Christ

Notice the name of the author...
Why, yes, that is my husband, my friend, my soulmate!
♥ So proud of him

Monday, May 13, 2013

Got it!!!!

Aidan spotted what he thought was a NEW bird for us right in our very own backyard.
The only problem was that the birds were at the VERY top of a large spruce.
We kept an eye on the male and female pair, snapping pictures just in case they flew away.
They flew away all right only to return and land in the bottom of the tree :)
And they were not timid. 
We managed to sneak our way right under them!

Red Crossbill

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Baby

is not so little anymore.