Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Creeper Key Lime Cake Pops

You'll never believe it, but I didn't take one picture.
They were square, they were green, and I painted on the faces using a toothpick and melted semi-sweet chocolate.



.  1 box key lime cake mix plus ingredients for cake mix. (I couldn't find it and used a lemon cake mix)
.  1/2 cup Duncan Hines Frosting Creation - Frosting Starter (store bought icing is stickier and works better than homemade icing)
.  Duncan Hines Frosting Creations - Key Lime Flavour (use as many packets as it takes to get a thumbs up for your child... I think I used 4 or 5 plus 2 more for the white chocolate)
.  2 packages (16 oz.) white chocolate chips


1.  Prepare and bake cake mix as directed, cool.
2.  Crumble cake into a large bowl. Add frosting and Key Lime packets and mix thoroughly. Don't be afraid to use your hands.
3.  Form cake into small squares and place into the freezer.
4.  Melt chocolate, adding 1 packet of key lime flavour per 16 oz of chocolate. Thin chocolate using vegetable shortening.
5.  Dip the stick into the chocolate before placing the square on it (leave the other squares in the freezer). 
6.  Dip the square into the chocolate, twirling it to remove excess chocolate. Use Styrofoam to store the cake pops upright while the chocolate sets.

These were surprisingly good, and everyone wanted more than one!

Not my picture, but it gives you an idea of what mine looked like (although my painted on faces were not quite this nice).

Just Because...

It's pretty!

I had fondant left over from the Minecraft cake, and we had friends coming!
Excuse the wrinkles, I was just too tired to do it properly; and the way it looks does not affect the taste! Dairy-free, gluten free chocolate cake

Seven - the Boy and his Plane

Oh, I do love the many faces of Luke.

We often feel compelled as parents to buy our kids more, to buy bigger, because that is better. Right?
No, it is usually the simplest things that bring joy and outlast the fancier gadgets.

Party Time!

Decorated in Minecraft colors.

So excited!

Blowing out the candles.

This picture attests to his current reading skills ;)

He was pretty impressed!

Legos from Nana and Granddad.

He really does have the best expressions!

Remote control airplane.

Happy 7th Birthday, Luke.
You truly light up our world, and WE LOVE YOU!!!

The Unveiling of the Minecraft Cake

He knew I was working on something, but the boys suggested other cake themes to keep him in the dark.
He was truly flabbergasted!!!

Checking out all of the details.

Cow with horns, Creeper, Rice Krispies Trees with the trunks "painted" with semi-sweet chocolate, "Lava", Stones made from crushed Oreos,

Grass and Water using butter-cream icing, TNT, Pig, brown sugar Sand

So far, I have made each of the boys one VERY SPECIAL cake... this one is all for you, Luke!!!

Pre-birthday Celebration Ice Cream

Kind of funny, because we did the exact same thing for Aidan's birthday!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Enjoy, Relish, Savor

Tropical Storm Arthur

On our long walk we spotted...

Cedar Waxwing
Notice the tiny red detail on the wing, and the yellow tip to the tail... pretty amazing!

Not sure why, but we spotted way more of these guys than usual, and they allowed us to get pretty close.

I am not sure, but whatever it was, it was quite aggressive. Several times, we had to make loud noises to get it to back off.

Common Tern

Later in the day, we drove over to Peggys Cove to check out the winds and waves.

These gusts were strong enough to knock Asher over. While we sat in the van, the 3 big boys headed up onto the rocks to "test" the strength of this storm... spitting to discover just how fast and far it would fly and jumping to gauge the gale's power to propel them through the air. They were having so much fun, but it made me very nervous.

The Pond Beside the Path

This bright yellow border catches our eye every time we drive past it, and just beyond it, spots of pink.

I kept meaning to attempt some shots of these amazing blooms. Finally, the perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of a tropical storm which knocked out our power. Instead of sitting around the house waiting for the power to be restored, I took the 3 younger boys for a very long walk... down past the pond...

Barn Swallow



In Our Yard

We have two locations that are popular for two entirely different reasons.

#1. The "sandpit".
When the septic system was recently replaced, they hauled in a bunch of sand and dirt and dumped it on the lawn. This is the leftovers after it was all smoothed out. The little boys spend many happy hours here.

#2. The hilltop
Between 3-4pm, there seems to be enough of a breeze to keep the black flies from being a complete nuisance. Patrick and I enjoy a few quiet moments as we stretch out on an old quilt, soaking up the rays while alternating between reading and gazing at the ocean, sparkling like diamonds.

Happy Canada Day

These were shot on July 1st, and they remind me of both the RED in the Canada flag and FIREWORKS!

The Letter "F"




Batter Up

Not even sure when or where he learned, but this boy sure can hit a ball!

Beach Outing

While the big boys were sailing, we took the 3 younger boys to the beach. It was the perfect day. Not too hot, but hot enough to enjoy the cool water.

Caught all 3 boys in their element: Luke dashing in and out of the breakers at the water's edge, Aidan heading out to catch a wave, and Asher standing just out of reach of the incoming surf.

Boogie boarding :)

Playing in the sand.

Holding Daddy's hand, he can brave the swells.