Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tropical Storm Arthur

On our long walk we spotted...

Cedar Waxwing
Notice the tiny red detail on the wing, and the yellow tip to the tail... pretty amazing!

Not sure why, but we spotted way more of these guys than usual, and they allowed us to get pretty close.

I am not sure, but whatever it was, it was quite aggressive. Several times, we had to make loud noises to get it to back off.

Common Tern

Later in the day, we drove over to Peggys Cove to check out the winds and waves.

These gusts were strong enough to knock Asher over. While we sat in the van, the 3 big boys headed up onto the rocks to "test" the strength of this storm... spitting to discover just how fast and far it would fly and jumping to gauge the gale's power to propel them through the air. They were having so much fun, but it made me very nervous.

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