Saturday, July 26, 2014

Two Free Spots

Patrick and I (and Aidan, sort of) are part of the FB NSBS. Recently, they offered free tickets for the Peggy's Cove Boat Tour: Puffin Tour.  The first 12 to respond on June 9th at 7:00pm would win. Since Patrick and I had plans for the evening (Sean's surprise award ceremony), Aidan and I wrote our emails early in the day and saved them to drafts. He set 3 alarms for that night. At 6:50 he opened both of our accounts on 2 different computers; and with his finger hovering over "send", he anxiously waited for the minutes to tick by. 
At 8:43 we received an email notifying us that we won (spot #2 and #3)!!! 
Talk about exciting! A chance to encounter several new birds at the top of our list!
June 25th finally arrived with some concern that the trip might be moved to another day, but Captain Peter decided to go for it. 
20 knots and foggy, oh my, it turned out to be quite the adventure.

The fog had not yet lifted.

Don't be fooled. It might look calm, but these swells were anything but.

Razorbill "twins"

Razorbill in flight.


It is so cute to see their big feet running across the water for takeoff.

If you look closely, you can just make out 2 Black Guillemot on the rocks... black birds with white on their wings and bright red feet.  

Black-legged Kittiwakes
One is nesting. I love how the other two almost form a perfect heart with their beaks crossed and their heads practically touching.

Bird watcher Extraordinaire.

What a wild, wet ride!
Can you spot Peggys Cove in the distance?

Almost there. Still very gray, but the fog has lifted!

Our captain got us there and back safely! He then offered everyone a free trip since the sun did not shine and there were a couple of very seasick passengers.

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