Friday, September 18, 2015

My Home School Sweathearts

Asher is working on Alphabetizing...

with a little assistance from Luke.

Field Trip #2 - The Sewage Plant

What a stinky field trip!!! Apparently, it would have been far worse had this plant not employed various methods of odor control. As it was, Luke was coughing and gagging quite a few times (it reminded of my brother at the hatchery when we were kids ☺)

Trust me, you do not want to know what was in the bins. 

Pumps, filters...

Sewage at different stages of treatment.
The only alarming part was that I was sure I could feel a "mist" on my legs... GROSS!

My handsome 3rd grader!

Run for your lives.

The most shocking part was that the sewage leaves the plant as fresh water approximately 8 hours after it first arrived!!!

Back at the lab... dirty water magnified... so cool!

The lab technician brought this Hickory Horned Devil down to show the kids.
It was HUGE.

Field Trip #1: Coal Mine

We found it ☺

Happy, excited boys

Somehow in my anxiety to NOT be late, I was an hour off. We arrived VERY early. Having time to kill, we wandered around for a bit.

For sale: Medical Mine Rescue truck. The boys wanted to buy it.

An old caboose. 
We were inside checking it out, until we noticed a termite infestation above our heads. We exited quickly!

I couldn't even get Luke to walk down this path. Asher went in a little ways with me and then ran back out. I kept going a little further, but it was spooky.

Rocking the hard hats.

Riding in this tiny metal rectangle deep inside the mine, Asher was a bit nervous and Luke rather excited.

Pretty close to modern day technology...

I was already feeling faintly claustrophobic. Our tour guide informing us that the ceiling actually sank as the coal was removed... I made sure to focus and not think about it. There were very few places I could even stand up completely. 
The boys declared the field trip to be EPIC, when they realized they could collect a sample of coal. They even brought one home for Aidan ☺

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Little Sumerians

We are studying Ancient Times by Susan Wise Bauer. 
Today, we were discussing Cuneiform and Heiroglyphs when I recalled that I had unpacked some clay somewhere. It only took searching in 3 locations to find it ☺

 He LOVED this project!!! 
As it was our very last subject for the day, I allowed them to "carve" and "wipe it out" to their hearts content.



Asher's favorite pastime was rolling out the clay!

ASHER (carved by Mommy)

Hard at Work

 Each day this young man perseveres to complete all of his work. On an average day, it takes him about 5 hours. I am PROUD of him for working so hard!

At least, I had everything purchased and in one spot for the first day of school, but it was very haphazard. I was so HAPPY to finally organize our home school shelf!!!

Coming back to edit this post and add:
I feel like this school year had a rough start. It had nothing to do with Luke or Asher but everything to do with me. I allowed myself to stress, to feel overwhelmed, and to be discontent with my accomplishments in a given day. I have been praying about it and have had several conversations that have reminded me to step back and prioritize. My relationship with my son(s) and their home schooling is my priority. Maybe all I will accomplish each day is school, a cleaning job, dinner, (Patrick has even ended up making lunch quite a few times) and dropping off and/or picking up the older boys from activities. With that I am striving to be content!!!! I don't want to rush through my days. I want to enjoy each and every moment, because they are fleeting.

My Blue-eyed Boy

That day, we took Aidan and Asher to the dentist as both had very small cavities to be filled. As they were sorting paperwork, they mentioned Luke's name. I was quick to remind them that his teeth had looked perfect! Unfortunately, his x-rays had revealed otherwise. He had 2 small cavities BETWEEN his teeth. Not a pleasant surprise for Mommy or Luke. Standard practice was to cap the baby teeth. This required needles. For whatever reason, they numbed one side of his mouth and then ended up returning to numb the other side. It was somewhat traumatic, but he was a TROOPER!!!

Our boys know that if they bravely handle a difficult situation, we will reward them!

3D Glasses

The glasses were "borrowed" or gifted (?), and the lens popped out. The boys sure have had fun with them. 

Often it is the simple pleasures in life that bring joy.

Aidan in Action

I think Aidan is a lot more comfortable at school this year. He works hard, has friends, and loves sports (soccer and basketball).

Watch him go.

Check out those moves.

 What a kick!

 Break away!!!

Thankfully, the little boys discovered something fun to do, because it was a HOT day.

Being entertained by big brother.

Pizza Joe's after a tough game, hit the spot. 
Notice Drew smack dab in the middle of all those kids.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Are You Surprised?

Aidan and I have to squeeze in a bird walk every now and then; and in the moments when there is no bird to be seen or heard, how can I not notice God's beautiful creation surrounding me?

Wild flowers

Wild "animals"

American Crow

 One of these is not like the other. Can you spot it?

Eastern Wood Pewee