Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Hard at Work

 Each day this young man perseveres to complete all of his work. On an average day, it takes him about 5 hours. I am PROUD of him for working so hard!

At least, I had everything purchased and in one spot for the first day of school, but it was very haphazard. I was so HAPPY to finally organize our home school shelf!!!

Coming back to edit this post and add:
I feel like this school year had a rough start. It had nothing to do with Luke or Asher but everything to do with me. I allowed myself to stress, to feel overwhelmed, and to be discontent with my accomplishments in a given day. I have been praying about it and have had several conversations that have reminded me to step back and prioritize. My relationship with my son(s) and their home schooling is my priority. Maybe all I will accomplish each day is school, a cleaning job, dinner, (Patrick has even ended up making lunch quite a few times) and dropping off and/or picking up the older boys from activities. With that I am striving to be content!!!! I don't want to rush through my days. I want to enjoy each and every moment, because they are fleeting.

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Jennifer Boll said...

I love your perspective.