Saturday, September 25, 2010

The "Twins"

We are very privileged to have my sister's little girl here with us for 3 days, and we are making the best of our time together.
So far we have gone out to eat at both Wendy's and then Dairy Queen for dessert, played soccer while waiting for the boys' to finish soccer practice, gone to a birthday party at the bowling alley (both Charis and Luke giggled when the ball knocked down the pins - great fun:), ........

snuggled with Cousin Sean,

slept in the queen-sized air mattress with Luke,

They were so tired, because they refused to nap; and yet it still took these 2 monkeys over an hour to fall asleep.

Too cute!!!


Reading with Sean.

Is this the girlie way to ride a horse?

Reading with Aunt Rachel while Uncle Patrick made blueberry pancakes:)


More snuggling


Why is it always more fun when they are all dumped out and one can sit in the midst of them?


Such a sweet baby girl -
she wanted me to take her picture with the plane:)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Newest Addition

and we are loving it!

Kawai 506N


A few mornings ago, Luke stumbled out of his room all wobbly and blurry-eyed.
The first question out of his mouth was, "Mommy, can I play that piano?"
He has been head bobbing and singing along too!!!

Piano duet

Drew had his first piano lesson during which he was pretty quiet.
I asked him afterwards how he liked it; his response,
"I loved it!"
Need I say more.

One Day in The Life of Luke

These are actually a broad spectrum of pics spanning Aug. and Sept.
They all relate to keeping Luke occupied while his brothers work on school each day.
And preferably, the occupation does NOT include ripping through the house like a tornado
(probably his favorite past time).

Yay for recess:)
Bubbies head outdoors to play with Luke.

They love to race -
Drew on his skateboard, Aidan on the scooter, and Luke in his car.

Luke has proven to be cut from a very different mold than his brothers -
He is quite INDEPENDENT!!!
Normally, he does make a request; but if we are busy, he does not hesitate to take care of himself.

Play time with Aidan.

Guess who?

Silly boy (and he does like to be silly:)

These have been some awesome purchases to entertain him:
1. Window crayons
2. Dry Erase crayons
3. Triangular crayons
4. Triangular markers with NO caps to lose
5. Homemade playdoh
hours of fun!

Coloring on the windows,
and it washes off easily enough.

Happy boy:)