Saturday, August 21, 2010


It is a gift from God;
and something I am often encouraging the boys to use, rather than being entertained by something or someone else.
Puppy guitar duet

And I am going to leave you to guess what inspired this next series of pics...

If you guessed correctly, then you will know why I was so surprised when Luke posed with a cheerful, "Cheese!" Not at all what I was expecting!

Oh, this a another good one...
Luke was quietly sitting at the end of the table, munching on an apple, when all of the sudden he pipes up, "Apple eyes."
He then proceeded to add some cheeks. Here you can see only one, because the other one was quite a distance around the other side of the apple:)

Soccer Camp 2010

A picture from this year, and
for comparison...

a pic from 2009.

Drew playing goalie.

I cannot believe the boys survived the heat.
Everyday, it was between 90-100 degrees.

Not a great pic, but the best I had.
He was one of the oldest boys at camp this year.

Drew's 12th Surprise Birthday Party,

and boy was he SURPRISED.
He had absolutely no idea!!!!

The birthday boy:)
Ready for dinner.
Let the celebration begin...
Blowing out the candles with a little help from Max and Luke;)
The kids loved bringing the presents to Drew.

And they all wanted in on the present opening action too.
These 2 goofy boys watched from the sidelines.
(Only cousins could produce such identically goofy grins:)

Kai elected to play with the ribbons - what fun:)

Sorry you 2, I just couldn't resist.

Drew and Kai hanging out after the party.

Watching a short tv show before bedtime.

Here is a really short clip right as he walked in the door
(I caught only a few seconds, not realizing my memory card was almost full)

Our Last Meal(s) in NS

Lobster, that is!
Why, oh why, did we not do this sooner?
Just 5 min. from the house, live lobster sells for only $6.99 a lb,
and only $7.99 a lb fully cooked and cut open, served with butter, plates, utensils, fresh water, and soap/water/paper towels to clean up with afterwards.

Playing in the water while the lobster was steaming.

Easy and DELICIOUS!!!!
(I thought it was pretty funny that there was a porta potty right beside our table, but at least we were in the shade.)

Later, we all ate dinner at Shaw's Landing in West Dover.
Patrick and I both think this particular restaurant wins 1st place for their Lobster Roll.

Patrick and Kai

The Ramseys:)

Kai and Aidan
Taking a short walk after dinner.

4 of my handsome men
And here is my 5th precious man!

Not sure how this picture ended up in the mix... I didn't even take it.
It is a nice pic all the same, so I decided to include it:)

The Waegwoltic Club

Just days before leaving, we all met up at the the Waeg for lunch.
Afterwards, we all headed in different directions - swimming, home, beach, playground.

Luke has only ever been a pool a couple times in his life.
I was super impressed that while he was nervous, he did quite well going in this pool with me.

My fish loved being back in the water.

Just look at that huge, adorable grin behind his bottle!!!
I kind of forced him to let me do it, and doesn't he look too CUTE!!!
(ALL of my boys have hated having their faces painted - they think it is embarrassing to say the least).

Brothers are the BEST:)

Following are a few pics that Patrick took of the boys at the beach.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Ramseys...

having fun with the Ramseys at the Ramseys;)


Playing with the waterhose in the rain.

Luke was doing his best to stay dry...

but took off when the hose was aimed in his direction
(can't say I blame him:)

Drew and Kai observed from the safety of the sunroom.
Look at all these cuties:
Claire, Drew, Luke, Aidan, and Max