Friday, November 11, 2011

A few recent pics of Asher

Adorable little grin at bath time.

Not too sure about the Bumbo.

He ended up doing far better in it than I expected... I think he liked it.

Smiling at Mommy:)

Sporting his 1st pair of jeans.
What a big boy!


Darth Vader
sporting his cheesy grin.

Iron man

Aidan, Luke,
and a cuddly bear.
(aka Asher;)

Proud Momma BRAG

Luke counting 1 - 10
He has faithfully and industriously been working on this for the past few months.
This has been no easy task for him, but he did not give up.
His reward - he is so proud of himself AND he got a specialty M&M shake at Steak and Shake.

Now this is something he is VERY good at... building/putting together pretty much anything.
Even his older brothers are impressed:)


This is a video clip of Asher when he was 2 weeks old.

Monday, November 07, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

This year only Aidan, Luke, and myself visited the pumpkin patch.
The older boys considered themselves to be too old for this activity which worked out perfectly anyways - they kept Asher at home allowing him to get a proper nap:)

Luke was ready to check out the corn maze.

A brief photo op;)

At this particular place, they also have quite a few animals -
chickens, geese, ducks, huge catfish, cats,
a baby donkey whom a sweet big brother helped his little brother to pet,

and piglets.

Luke and his friends were quite enamored with these little guys/gals.

Time for a hayride out to the patch.

Are they locked in jail, pushing the wagon, or catching a ride?

He found his perfect pumpkin:)

So proud!

Aidan found a great pumpkin too.

A ride just for the younger ones,

but they let Aidan accompany Luke:)

Aidan's School Project

He was studying about the "Rise of Islam" in history -
Bedouins, Muhammad, Koran, Five Pillars of Islam, Arabian Peninsula, Mecca, Medina....

Edible oasis!!!
Fun and yummy:)

4 Handsome men

A few weeks ago, our boys chose to attend an open casting call for major roles in an upcoming family film! They were told that no experience was necessary (good thing;) and to bring a non-returnable photo.The process included some paperwork and a professional photograph.
This was followed by an interview and pretend scenarios being acted out while being filmed.
Regardless of the outcome, I am glad they had this opportunity.
They were super nervous at first, but ended up having a blast acting both separately and then together.
They pretended to play a soccer game (with no ball) and to help their little brother climb a tree (no little brother present).
What a great experience!!!

Below are the pics we brought with us to the audition...

Aidan - age 9

Drew - age 13

Sean - age 14

Believe it or not, Patrick also needed to submit a photo right around the same time for something entirely different - an article in New Horizons.

Asher in Oct.

On a quest to get rid of the yeastie beasties.
To date we have tried:
.3 wk. of nystatin
. 3 days of gentian violet
. 10 days for Asher and 2 wks for me of Fluconazole/Diflucan
. 5 days of gentian violet
. and currently, he has been back on nystatin for a week.
It is not gone, but it is definitely improving.
Meanwhile, he is also taking a hypoallergenic pro/prebiotic 1-2x per day.
Prayers that the thrush will once and for all be eradicated.

Luke and Asher


This is probably the one and only pic we will have of him sleeping in the bouncy seat,
because he really does not seem to like it.

He really does LOVE his swing,
although one might think otherwise based on his expression.
And he likes it best with either the vacuum running
or with one of us in sight (preferably talking to him).

Napping on Mommy's bed for a few minutes.
He will NOT stay asleep during the day for any length of time;
unless he is in his swing - with the vacuum being turned off and on to keep him asleep -
or is being held and jiggled every time he starts to rouse.

Sound asleep in his swing.

Told you he loves it:)

Do you see a resemblance?

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Asher in Sept

Sleeping angel!

Snuggling with Aidan.

I think this expression is one of horror...
he cannot believe that his mommy made him wear such an outfit.
A duck indeed...

I love this photo of Patrick and Asher.
They look like they are sharing a secret:)

Handsome daddy with his adorable baby.

Getting so big...

and still loving his evening bath routine.
I love his cute little pink tongue sticking out!

My 3 youngest boys:)

Finally, catching a smile on camera for all to see.

Nakie baby

Luke loves trying to hold Asher.

Sometimes, with great success...

And other times, well, not so much.

But Luke doesn't give up:)