Sunday, November 09, 2014

Cattails, not cat tails

It all started when I was a very little girl. You see, my mom has this bunch of cattails prominently displayed near the piano. We weren't allowed to touch them, but for some reason I was always drawn to them. I think it was around the time we moved, that Mom gave them to us finally. They were good and dry, and oh, so much fun!!!

It really is a two-step process.
1. Loosen the seeds. It can be tricky if they were just picked.

 2. Wave, blow, shake, or run... 

Her daughter insisted that she should have this experience too.

Stuck tight.

Free to fly in the wind.

 Such a copy cat :)

 Now we are talking.


Second Shot

It is nice to have helpers who will circle the lake to encourage the ducks back across to me :)


It was nice to get another chance to photograph these birds... still NOT satisfied with my results, but they will work for now.

This is the lone mystery bird in the midst of the American Coots... Eurasian Wigeon (female)???


I kept trying to capture their red eye and the red spot at the base of the bill. Can you see it?

Checking Out a New Park

We just had to test the new swings... you know, to make sure they were safe for the kids ;)

Mini Merry-go-round

 Hang on tight!



Have you ever tried this?

Check out those big boy underwear (Cars, to be exact).

Asher insisted on a chauffeur.

 Sittin' pretty!

My Little Fireman

Jacobson Park

Manky Mallard - Khaki Campbell?

A game of chase.

Don't laugh... I think swinging must have been very popular, because these made up the majority of my pics.


Asher LOVES to swing - the higher, the better - and everyone took turns pushing him. He was one happy camper.


Melt this Momma's heart.

Delighted to hang out for a few hours.

6 handsome guys and 1 sweet gal


Reunited? Maybe not, but what a great idea for a comfortable place to sleep.

Back together at last!

There is just something about Daddy's arms that induces sleep!

Not sure what game they are playing... probably basketball.

They all look to be pretty close in height...

but some require a little extra "assistance".

Texture, Movement, Color

First Place Award...

... goes to the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe.
 I cannot think of another toy that has consistently provided hours of entertainment for everyone last one of our children... and others too ;)

Vroom, vroom!

Even big kids are just dying to go for ride and refuse to admit they no longer fit inside ;)

I am not too big yet! I can, I will somehow, someway squeeze into this small space!