Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Snow Day... Again

My amateur attempts to capture the beauty of falling snow!

End of March Blizzard

Hard to believe that yesterday the grass was finally showing in most areas, with the slightest hint of green.

You can see the snow drifted partially up the door blocking our exit. 
The two lumps are the boys. I asked them to come over to the door to demonstrate the depth of the snow (it would have reached Aidan's knees and Luke's thighs)... not sure they understood what I was asking.

A drift on our back deck.

Our plow guy finally arrived the next evening

This should give you a much better idea of just how much snow we had.

A Beautiful Day for a Walk

I can't remember ever thinking that 40 degrees was warm when I lived in Kentucky. But following a winter with day after day of temperatures in the teens and twenties, 40 feels down right toasty... even the 30's are not too bad.

Can you spot our surprise guest? 
We don't see one of these very often, but this one seemed quite curious and kept a close eye on us for a while.

Gorgeous view

Feathered friends

I guess Asher wasn't tired this particular day, because he wanted to walk almost the entire way.

♥ My little tree hugger ♥

Playing peekaboo on the way home.