Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My mother-in-law recently purchased an incredible machine for me. It handles both large quantities of bread and comes with a smoothie attachment. I have made smoothies several times and also a batch of cookies, but today was my first experiment with bread. I did not have dough enhancer or honey as required in the recipe, so I left out the former and substituted molasses for the latter. We shall see what happens!!!
Bosch Universal

My "small recipe" made both a loaf of bread and a dozen cinnamon rolls!!!

This loaf stands more than 6" tall. If I were to slice it in half lengthwise I would have almost 2 loaves of bread. I do not know what made it rise so much.

Last but not least, I think we will really enjoy this for breakfast tomorrow. Now all I need to add is cream cheese icing!!!


I am always trying to think of activities to keep Aidan occupied while his older brothers are busy with school. I prefer that these do not include sitting in front of the t.v. or playing gameboy/gamecube for hours. About two weeks ago, we found a boxed set of four computer educational games for $20. This morning he practiced typing for almost 2 hours. I had to make him to take a break every now and then.
Notice his good posture and proper hand positioning!!!

Shooting the bugs!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

On Wednesday, we were invited to an Easter egg hunt. We shared a picnic lunch, played in the woods by the creek, jumped on the trampoline and just had fun hanging out together.
The Easter eggs are hidden and the baskets are laid out.
Where are the children?Aidan
Drew Sean
My three handsome guys!!!