Monday, July 20, 2015

The "Beach" - The Older Set

I think these nail their personalities to a "T"!
Captions, please?

It is always nice to have a girl in this household of boys, especially this one!

So many elements in one picture.

Love their expressions!
Aidan was totally caught by surprise when a certain young man poured a bottle of cold water down his back!

The Dads.
At least, they sat in the same location even if it was on opposite sides of the tree. 

The water in mid-June was still quite COLD!!!

All I'll say is that he had it coming :)

What a spectacular day!!!

The "Beach" - The Younger Set

You know, sometimes I think I should leave the camera at home and be a part of the action, not just behind the lens. But I also know that I would completely miss some of these fantastic moments. Because face it, the camera keeps me on my toes, searching for those special, often unnoticed expressions and interactions and inspires me to design fun activities that might result in a great picture!
We arrived, 12 boys + 3 girls = 15, ready for relaxation and/or fun in the sun. 

First order of business... FOOD!

Then ALL of the kids decided they should read the "beach rules". Not a bad idea! They were quick to inform us that we had already broken a rule (moved a picnic table out of the shade), so we didn't really need to worry about the rest of them... nice try ;)

Go, Asher (notice his tongue)!

Go, go, GO!!!
 (again, the tongue... must be a genetic trait or something)

 Best buddies!

"Look, Mommy. Me swimming!!!"

Full superhero mode 
He loves playing with her!

That's A Lot of Boys

This is only part of the group we had at our house for several days.
Typical Drew, smack dab in the middle of all the kids!

A Visit to the Park

It has a 1 mile loop trail for walking or biking. 
Luke made it the entire way, no problem. Asher dropped his bike twice in favor of walking the slight inclines.

Flowers on the trail

Little brothers

 Almost 8 ~~~~ and ~~~~ Almost 4

Whoa... slipping off the seat.

2nd try... much better!

Cool moves.

I see you!

Twitching Here and There

Aidan and I have tried to sneak in a few short, local birding trips. Mostly we find birds that we have previously seen, but it is still exciting every.single.time!

Aidan discovered this nest with a few baby birds in it. But a week later when we showed up with our cameras, the fledglings had already flown.

Eastern Phoebe

This was another location, new day and nest, but we are pretty sure these are also Eastern Phoebe nestlings.

Yellow Warbler - male

Ring-billed Gull

Eastern Bluebird - patriotic male

How I wish the focus was sharp...if you look carefully on the left, you can spot the young Bluebird, with mouth wide open, as Papa zooms in with a tasty morsel.

Eastern Bluebird - fledgling

Eastern Bluebird - male

 Carolina Chickadee with a caterpillar for her young

Bobolink - male (Lifer)
This song of this bird is my absolute favorite!!!

Thursday, July 09, 2015

"Are You My Mother?"

Have you ever read this cute book to your kids? I don't ever wonder who my mother is, but I am quite often amazed that I am indeed the mother to these 5 awesome boys who never cease to amaze me. Am I Your Mother? 
Well, of course, silly, I know the answer! I am just so incredibly humbled! What a privilege to see them grow, mature, and shine!
I LOVE being their Mom!!!

Drew's French assignment...

to design and write a book in French!

I was pleased to see Aidan excel at school this year...

both academically...

and physically.

Blooms in Our Yard

I love flowers: statuesque or tiny, climbing or confined to baskets, willowy or rather stubby.
 I had forgotten how much I always loved being outdoors. And I must really be getting old, because I have even enjoyed weeding, pruning, planting... 


 This tree sits just outside our dining room, both beautiful and functional (privacy).

So far 3 varieties have graced us with their presence, and there is yet 1 to flower.

 Pink Rosebud Azalea

dark pink/purple ~ Fuschia ~ light pink/purple

Dark pink and white

Purple Iris

Star of Bethlehem?