Monday, July 20, 2015

The "Beach" - The Older Set

I think these nail their personalities to a "T"!
Captions, please?

It is always nice to have a girl in this household of boys, especially this one!

So many elements in one picture.

Love their expressions!
Aidan was totally caught by surprise when a certain young man poured a bottle of cold water down his back!

The Dads.
At least, they sat in the same location even if it was on opposite sides of the tree. 

The water in mid-June was still quite COLD!!!

All I'll say is that he had it coming :)

What a spectacular day!!!

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Darlene said...

All great pics Rachel! I don't even know where to begin. First of all by hosting us and the boys. I know it must have been absolutely nuts with all the boys, but I can tell you that those boys were sooooo excited about their trip AND sooooo tired on the way home!! Thank you so much for having them....and all of us....stay over!

So you want captions: I'd say....Noah- Mr. GQ; Nathan - The Class Clown; Aidan - The Thinker....that about sums it up!