Monday, July 20, 2015

The "Beach" - The Younger Set

You know, sometimes I think I should leave the camera at home and be a part of the action, not just behind the lens. But I also know that I would completely miss some of these fantastic moments. Because face it, the camera keeps me on my toes, searching for those special, often unnoticed expressions and interactions and inspires me to design fun activities that might result in a great picture!
We arrived, 12 boys + 3 girls = 15, ready for relaxation and/or fun in the sun. 

First order of business... FOOD!

Then ALL of the kids decided they should read the "beach rules". Not a bad idea! They were quick to inform us that we had already broken a rule (moved a picnic table out of the shade), so we didn't really need to worry about the rest of them... nice try ;)

Go, Asher (notice his tongue)!

Go, go, GO!!!
 (again, the tongue... must be a genetic trait or something)

 Best buddies!

"Look, Mommy. Me swimming!!!"

Full superhero mode 
He loves playing with her!

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