Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas day 2012

The boys headed outdoors to try out their new gadgets (survivor knife, compound bow, magnesium fire starter...)

With a little lint and a lot of patience,
they were able to use the magnesium starter to get this fire going.

Well done!

All of the boys minus Luke.

Patrick and Asher

Christmas morning 2012

Asher needed a bit of help and coaxing to reach inside his stocking.

This cutie sure loves "Cuties"

Asher jumped the gun just a bit.

Almost got it opened:)

Helping the boys detach their gifts from the packaging.

Rip into those presents!

A little overwhelmed by all the noise and chaos.

All better now:)

Two sweet little boys.

My little helper :)
Even with his help, it took quite awhile to assemble everything ;)

Luke took Asher for his first ride on his new buggy.

Christmas Eve 2012

5 handsome men all dressed for the Christmas Eve service

In keeping with our tradition-
each boy opened one gift from the brother of their choice.

The oldest and the youngest!
(Asher is cuddling the toy that Sean bought for him).

Luke set out milk and 2 gingerbread men.

 Wishing you a very Merry Christmas 
and Happy New Year
from our family to yours!

First snow

It had just started snowing... not even sticking yet...
but they just had to go out to play.
Can you say "excited"?

One of their many snowmen. 

 Luke brought in a snowball to show Asher. 
(I kept Asher indoors, since he had no snow boots - he does now... x3:)

Needed to warm up a little bit before heading back out -
Look at those rosy cheeks!

Aidan and Luke also built a snow "couch" while the big boys were at school.
Here is Sean having a little snooze on it.

Asher headed out with the big boys just as soon as he had the proper gear:)
He ADORES being outdoors.

Christmas Tree

Where we live right now, there is absolutely no reason to purchase a tree.
Sean was able to find this beauty not too far from the house

Shortening the tree just slightly.

The "littlest" helper:)

Hanging ornaments.

Asher - 15 1/2 months

Hanging out

The 3 youngest boys with Grandad

Asher and Patrick

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Drew's School Project #2

Once again impressed by the project(s) Drew worked so industriously and faithfully to complete for his class at school... 
and, of course, I am sharing it with you.

Well done:)

Andrew's School Portrait

Finally :)

Drew, 9th Grade

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


How could dishes ever be a chore when these beauties are there to behold?

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Drew's school project

Drew worked super hard on this project - 
aging the paper, drafting details (mountains, castles, towns, forests, rivers...), concocting runic names, designing a background story to go along with it ...
Anyways, I was very impressed and asked if I might share his completed map.

The name of this make believe place is "Forma". 
(evidently, he needed a name for his world, and came up with "Forma" on the spot for show and tell).
Also, I think this was his first go at public speaking.
Not only did he enjoy it, but he thinks he did quite well:)

Pumping Carving 101

Luke and his pumpkin


Removing the seeds and "goop".

Yeah, my thoughts exactly - GROSS!

The finished products: designed by the boys and carved by Mommy.

I handed the boys a marker and had them sketch their ideas on the screen door.

What a sad pumpkin (notice the tear)?

And a very happy pumpkin:)
We had so much fun!!!