Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have been trying my best to capture one of his smiles on the camera since he was a 1 1/2 weeks old. He started smiling at 1 wk. and 1 day for sure and this was confirmed by our Dr. at 1 wk. 3 days old - he smiled 2x at his Dr.!!!! The problem has been that every time I get out the camera, he is distracted by the red light and then quickly becomes tired and begins to fuss. Finally, I have managed to catch of few of his adorable smiles. Judge for yourself - do you think that he is already smiling at such an early age??? Half grin!
He tends to close his eyes as his smile gets bigger. Biggest smile - open mouth and eyes closed!!!
This is my favorite, double chins and all!
What a sweet boy he is!!!

Swim Party and Conference

Thursday, was the boys annual swim party. They had a wonderful time swimming, jumping off the diving boards, playing with friends, and eating good food. Aidan stayed in this corner of the pool the entire time we were there. He loves to jump into the water and "swim a few strokes over and over again.
Drew, having a great time!! Sean was too busy for a pic, but paused just a moment for his dear Mommy.Patrick, hanging with Luke!!!
Yes, he slept through the entire party!!!

Now for a few highlights from the Swim Conference (sorry no pics as I stayed home with Aidan and Luke):
7 - 8 boys - Drew Ramsey
*25m freestyle: placement was 13 out of 39 * Seed time: 25.65 * Prelim. time: 24.27
25m backstroke: placement 13/39
25m butterfly: placement 16/33
9 - 10 boys - Sean Ramsey
25m freestyle: placement 16/48
50m freestyle: 13/38 * Seed time: 47.12 * Prelim. time: 46.47
25m backstroke: placement 7/49 * Seed time: 24.01 Prelim. time: 23.38
25m butterfly: 13/46
25m breaststroke: 23/47
We were so proud to see the boys swim some of there best times ever and to place mostly in the upper third for their age groups. The top 12 return for the finals the next day. 13 & 14 are alternates in case someone cannot make it.

Monday, July 16, 2007

For Sonya

A Poem For The Times

Fretfully, she looked all around
But he was nowhere to be found
O where did you go, was her cry
Without you I will surely die.

How I desire to see your face,
And again feel your warm embrace.
So please my love come back to me.
My sleepless heart yearns to be free.

Do not worry and do not fear
He will before long reappear.
A voice said from beyond the blue
To both cherish and adore you.

Is that another cry I hear?
Time to go and feed him my dear.
And though the darkness may be deep
You will find him shortly and sleep.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just the Facts

You might have guessed by the lack of commentary in the two previous posts that Patrick of fame did the posting. Well, he continues on with this post of some facts about Luke:

Name: Luke William
Date of birth: 07-08-07
Time: 10:14 am
Weight: 10 pounds 9 ounzes
Length: 22 1/4
Head: 14 1/4
Chest: 15 1/4
Hair: brown and lots of it

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July 1st/4th Celebration

On July 1st, we were invited to a firework show by some of our friends. Believe me I am looking for ideas for everyone to do while waiting for this baby to come, so it was nice to listen to the music, play chase on the lawn, and just hang out. The weather was amazing - it was almost cold.Relaxing!We match - don't we look cute?I sure adore these three boys and can hardly believe that any day I will have four boys to love.
And of course, a couple of firework pics. Afterward, we went to Sonic for icecream. We had such an enjoyble evening!!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Battle at Kruger

I promise this is worth watching and has a GOOD ending. It is a wonderful reminder of God's absolute control!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

It came and now it's gone!!!

Everyone has been asking, when is the baby actually due. Well, the answer is yesterday. His EDD was June 30th. Now we are just anxiously waiting and begging him to make his grand debut. Here are a few preggo pics from June 23 and the 30th. Rachel - 39wks with a baby boy. Katie - 22wks with a baby girl (Charis Bobbett H.)
Sisters - belly to belly! June 30th and I am 40 weeks to the day. I am so huge and swollen.

To: Aidan Love: Mommy and Daddy

Aidan's 5th Birthday Bash

The theme chosen by our soon-to-be 5 yr. old was Spider-man!!! He invited 7 guests as well as his Grandad, Aunt Katie (which included Charis), Uncle Sean, and of course their dog, Aussie! Pin the mask on Spider-man!Katie and I decorated using the streamers in a non-traditional way - we laced them across the door and also hung black ones completely over the doorway where the guests first entered. Above the table we hung a giant web (batting) and inserted all sorts of creepy crawlies. Hanging from the light fixture were more bugs and of course a spider.Our first project - decorating the goody bags as all of the guests arrived!I think Aidan did a fabulous job all by himself!Uncle Sean, Aidan, and Aunt Katie
He wanted them to come so badly that he was willing to give them one of his seven allotted guests invitations, and he also had to be sure there would be a place for them at the table. I assured him the adults could stand up and eat.
Aidan and Grandad Opening presents!
Patrick was the villain and the children used silly string to capture him. The only problem being that some of the kids were not strong enough to push the button on their can, so Patrick had to "help" them web him.Blowing out the candles. Can you see the different colored flames? Last but not least, the spidey pinata!!!!