Thursday, May 20, 2010

A day in Cincy...

and we really packed in the activities, so this will probably be a LOT of pics.
We started off with a visit to Carew Tower, the tallest building in Cincinnati
(at least until the completion of the Great American Tower at Green City Square in 2011).
The 574 ft. Carew Tower, which was completed in 1931, has an observation deck on the 49th view providing beautiful, panoramic views of the city.

Someone offered to take a family pic for us, and of course, we accepted:)

Next we headed for Graeters, crossing through this area to get there.

Doesn't it look delicious?

Luke certainly thinks so:)

On our way back through, the boys wanted to splash in the fountain.
And now off to the zoo!

What funny looking men;)

Luke was interested in the miniature cow, but no way was he going any closer.

Aidan and Sean


Who is that handsome turtle?

"Leaping" across the "lilypads"
with Daddy's help.

Now that is a leap!

Time to go...

after scaling the rhino, of course.

All of the flowers were in full bloom - BEAUTIFUL!!!

Good thing he took a nap at this point, because we continued on to dinner at our favorite pizza joint (Dewey's), and then drove halfway home where we stopped off to catch a movie.
We got home around 1:30am.
What a spectacular day!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oral surgery

My sweet little boy somehow inherited a single supernumerary maxillary central incisor called a "mesiodens". (his Uncle Rory had an extra tooth also - weird how genetics work). Basically, this means he had an extra tooth that needed surgical removal.
I want to make sure to warn those with weak stomachs NOT to scroll past pictures #1 and #2.
We got up at 6 something, so he was very tired.

His flame or better yet, a torch:)

3 stitches - not too bad.

I think that the stitches are actually repositioning the skin on the roof of his mouth by being threaded between the teeth and knotted in the front (or something like that;).
Already today, the pain is minimal and the swelling has gone down.
Now to stick with a liquid diet for 5 days and a soft diet for two weeks while the bone on his adult tooth has a chance to fill in the indentation left by the torch.
The only difficult part was waking up from the anesthesia. Apparently he reacted to the gas and had a splitting headache. Add that to the normal grogginess/confusion/out of it(ness) and the first couple of hours were rough.