Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oral surgery

My sweet little boy somehow inherited a single supernumerary maxillary central incisor called a "mesiodens". (his Uncle Rory had an extra tooth also - weird how genetics work). Basically, this means he had an extra tooth that needed surgical removal.
I want to make sure to warn those with weak stomachs NOT to scroll past pictures #1 and #2.
We got up at 6 something, so he was very tired.

His flame or better yet, a torch:)

3 stitches - not too bad.

I think that the stitches are actually repositioning the skin on the roof of his mouth by being threaded between the teeth and knotted in the front (or something like that;).
Already today, the pain is minimal and the swelling has gone down.
Now to stick with a liquid diet for 5 days and a soft diet for two weeks while the bone on his adult tooth has a chance to fill in the indentation left by the torch.
The only difficult part was waking up from the anesthesia. Apparently he reacted to the gas and had a splitting headache. Add that to the normal grogginess/confusion/out of it(ness) and the first couple of hours were rough.


Coty said...

I totally feel for him. I had SIX of those suckers removed from my mouth over a period of four surgeries. I hope he feels better soon!

Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

cool post! very original. nice teeth. good job

Tracy said...

Poor Aidan! I'm glad he's feeling better. Ice cream???

K. Humby said...

Give him a big hug for me!!!