Monday, April 06, 2009

February - odds and ends

Well, it turned out that February had quite a few more pics, so I will be posting them in 2 different posts - this one and another dedicated to the big boys' basketball games.

Bananas sure are yummy!

Very yummy!

Drew watching Luke play gameboy.

Aidan, Sean, Luke, and Drew

What a mean Mommy!

All the boys shooting hoops at dusk.

What a shot!

Mesmerized by the computer -
(my guess is that they were watching kiddie songs on youtube - Luke loves it!)
The valentine cake I made for Patrick!
Notice the fork in his right hand all nice and clean:)


Aidan playing guitar while Luke grumps for a turn.

Luke's turn.

My 4 boys.

Luke asleep in his new big boy bed.
(Now both bunk beds are being used at full capacity:)

Last shot I took of my big boy in his crib right before I disassembled it.
I didn't really think he was paying that much attention. However, later that day, he came to me and asked while pointing to his old bedroom, "Uh oh, where's nigh nigh?"
I told him that Mommy had put it away. He didn't seem to mind, but I, on the other hand, felt awful.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Favorite pictures from January '09

January had exactly 40 pictures, and it was quite easy to choose my favorites - here they are in chronological order.

Drew trying out the baby backpack, and Luke loving it!!!
Yes, my little boy LOVES to vacuum (wonder where he got that from).
Some of his earliest tantrums were with regards to "allowing" Mommy to have a turn.
Luke and Sean sharing a spaghetti noodle:)

What a happy boy!

Sleepy heads


and Robin.
(NOT sidekick, I want to be the hero!)

Singing, yelling,..... who knows?

Nana got Luke a vest so that he could be just like his big brothers!

Spring - flowers

I finally imported the almost 500 pics I have collected over the last several months. I was still hesitant to post, since this computer (thanks Michael for letting us borrow it) is a bit slow, but I figured why not give it a try. After all, this version of Picasa even has a "Blog This" feature.
And it was actually very quick and easy!!!! So I guess even though my computer is not up and running, this blog is:)

All of these specimens that I photographed are courtesy of our good friends, the Bolls!!! They have exquisite flowers all over their property.