Tuesday, November 06, 2012


How could dishes ever be a chore when these beauties are there to behold?

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Drew's school project

Drew worked super hard on this project - 
aging the paper, drafting details (mountains, castles, towns, forests, rivers...), concocting runic names, designing a background story to go along with it ...
Anyways, I was very impressed and asked if I might share his completed map.

The name of this make believe place is "Forma". 
(evidently, he needed a name for his world, and came up with "Forma" on the spot for show and tell).
Also, I think this was his first go at public speaking.
Not only did he enjoy it, but he thinks he did quite well:)

Pumping Carving 101

Luke and his pumpkin


Removing the seeds and "goop".

Yeah, my thoughts exactly - GROSS!

The finished products: designed by the boys and carved by Mommy.

I handed the boys a marker and had them sketch their ideas on the screen door.

What a sad pumpkin (notice the tear)?

And a very happy pumpkin:)
We had so much fun!!!

2012 Costumes

ScArY Skeleton

G.I. Joe

It was a VERY wet day. Honestly, I thought our plans for the evening would not pan out. 
I told the boys to pray about it and to trust God... whether His answer was "yes" or "no", we could trust it was for our good. As you can see, the rain paused... a major haul...
3 very happy, thankful boys:)

Have you ever seen a cuter little monkey?

So that is what everyone kept stuffing in my bag;)

Checking out their loot together.

Well, you never know, it might work.
It is always worth a try;)