Friday, June 10, 2016

Another Graduation of Sorts

Two sets of bunkbeds...

which means a certain little boy moved up to a big boy bed.
NO MORE cribs or toddler beds!!!


He was so glad for the ceremony to be over and refreshments to be served!

The Ramsey Clan

Sean and his 4 brothers.


Nana, Sean, and Grandad

... no longer the "Starting 5"


And just like that, we dropped him off to pack and leave for Wyoming for the next 5-6 weeks. 

He Graduated!

Definitely ready to receive his diploma.

Dimploma in hand.

Tassels shifted.

What a great group of "kids"!


Sunday, June 05, 2016

Run for Your Life

Still not 100% sure what he did, but they were after him.

Skulking back up the hill.

Payback, not once...

But twice.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Ball With the Bolls

Play ball!

Great dribbling.

Some "sibling rivalry"

Epic battles.

A little "pushing".

And tripping?


And a whole lot of fun!

Best Buds

 They played soccer for a little while...

but then took off for the playground.

 They had a sword bottle fight.

They built a house using sticks and leaves.

I'm impressed.

Tulip Poplar

Not All Screens

Didn't want you to think that is all they do when they hang out.

Oh, the drama...

Childhood friends.
Their smiles just make me smile.

What a sweetheart!

The oldest sister had one of her best friends up from TN. Sometimes I forget I am a southerner, but being around her reminded me that I am and always will be ☺

You know you love me... even when I take crazy pictures of you.

Dutch Blitz.

The girls played through a few duets for me and then even let me join in for a couple of trios.
Thank you!