Friday, June 03, 2016

Living Treasures: Play

Prairie Dog

The boys were impressed that it was pawing at their fingers. Of course, only after looking back  did I realize it was still pawing; it had nothing to do with the boys' fingers after all ☺

Asher's favorite animal. 
He was just sure it was a Cheetah and Black Jaguar, not a African Spotted Leopard...

Black Leopard

Luke - 8 years old
My sunshine.

Asher - 4 years old
My little bundle of energy and constant motion

Asher adores Luke, and Luke takes great care of his little brother!

When I clicked my tongue, this Lar Gibbon would vocalize.

 Magestic creatures.

 The Squirrel Monkey came rushing over to see the boys every time we walked past (might have had something to do with the food jingling in their buckets).


 I promise THEY begged me to take their photograph with the gorilla (more than once) would never know... hahahaha.

He wanted me to play "pirates" with him. I said yes in exchange for a nice pic.

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