Friday, June 24, 2011

Chunky Monkey

Look at those CHEEKS!!!
Not sure if you can tell, but his eyes are open and he is stuffing his fist into his mouth.
Oh, so cute:)
His guestimated weight today was 4 Lb. 11 Oz. (77th percentile)

Aidan took this pic for me on Sunday.

And Sean took this one for me today.
It is hard to believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by.

Aidan's 9th Birthday

Aidan Palmer
June 22, 2002
9 Lbs. 1 Oz.

Drew, Aidan ( 5-6 mth. old), and Sean

When it came to his birthday dinner, this boy new just what he wanted:
As an appetizer (and yes, it was his idea to have an appetizer),
he requested shrimp,
followed by

(His daddy picked out a selection of Ribeye, and New York Strip - Mmmmm)


Mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms/garlic.

For dessert: Key Lime Pie:)

Happy Birthday to you...

Wow, he sure has strong lungs;)

Tackle box

Fishing rod.
He is one happy boy:)

On a side note, Key Lime Pie requires only egg yolks.
Not wanting to throw away the 6 egg whites, I googled a recipe in which to use them:
Meringue Torte
It was actually quite yummy and gave him a selection of birthday desserts - of course, he chose Key Lime Pie (can't blame the guy:)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The almost 4 year old

hard to believe.
Also, it seems unreal that he before too awfully long will NO longer be the baby of our household.
We still refer to him as baby and even call him baby sometimes to which he readily responds - guess there are going to be some pretty big changes over the next few months.

Luke and I will occasionally stay home together while the big boys are out doing "big boy" things.
Here we are playing army together.
He LOVED knocking my army down and waiting for me to set it back up...
boy was I glad when Aidan showed up to take over -
nowadays it is a bit of a chore getting up and down;)

He is using swords for what purpose?

Breakfast this morning (or is it lunch).
My little man really does NOT like breakfast, nor does he like to eat first thing in the morning.

Friday, June 17, 2011


The weed...
or at least that is what a certain someone thought as they proceeded to chop it down...
I think it might be a Dahlia?

Lighting is a tricky thing...
I can't even decide which one I like the best...

Rachel (31 weeks) and Drew
We have started a tradition around here -
on the boys 13th birthday, I take them out to Starbuck's for their very first coffee.
I LOVE it!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

First harvest:)

This vegetable was new to us:
do you recognize it?

Swiss chard

All washed and chopped for cooking -
I sauteed it with a bit of butter, olive oil and fresh garlic.
Everyone was pleasantly surprised, and we will definitely be growing it again in our garden next year
(maybe 2 squares instead of 1 :)

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Memorial Day...

started off with sleeping in,
followed by a delicious brunch.

Potato cakes
(just use leftover mashed potatoes with the addition of an egg or two and extra seasoning)

Oven-puffed pancakes
This was a first; it is a keeper!
Super easy and the boys loved it!

Later in the day,
we met up with friends for swimming and BBQ:)

Not sure what the hold up is...

but I suspect this little guy was laying in wait...

with his daddy to...

Best Buddies

These 2 have really begun hanging out a lot.
Usually, where one is found, the other is close by.

Birdwatching together:)

Party planning together.

They even colored and cut out the balloons.
I had a package of balloons they could have used; but they were having so much fun and being so imaginative, I did not even offer.
It was a fantastic party - pizza, The Cosby Show, and Rice Krispy Treats for dessert!!!

Luke insisted on this picture in the middle of dinner, nonetheless;)


Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”
Genesis 9:16

The garden is growing...

and growing...

These 1st four pictures
(taken by Aidan to show me when I was on "take-it-easy" orders by the Dr.)
are from 5-22-11.

2 Cabbage plants???

Originally, we thought we were planting 1 Brocolli and 1 Cabbage.


Sugar snap peas

(I know these are supposed to be a Spring crop, but so far they are doing well).



All the plants are at least twice as big,
and we finally finished building and installing the climbing wall.

Somehow this little cutie pie ended up in this set of pictures - I am betting he conned one of his brothers into taking his pic;)