Monday, May 26, 2008


I really cannot tell you much about these pics. I don't even know where (other than England) they were taken, whether they are famous landmarks..... However, they are beautiful pictures and the architecture is stunning.

Okay, I know this one is of Patrick's "home away from home".

And this last one is also easy to figure out: My darling husband in a pulpit.
What's new?:)

P.S. Maybe Patrick will stop by and edit this to include more information. If he does, I will post his notes in another color.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

How about...

I let Drew introduce this post?:) Don't you think it is about time?!?Look at me! This is the very first time I ever tried climbing onto something; and of course, Mommy had to take a picture!Cool, I made it!!!Oh shoot! What do I do now? Please come help me, SOMEBODY, anybody!
You know, babies really have it made relaxing in their strollers while someone else pushes them around.Boy this is fun!It's nap time and this is how I like to sleep - on my right side, sucking my right index finger, holding puppy in my left hand, and with a soft blanket tucked in behind me and draped over top.
Brothers (rolling eyes).
But as you can see, I am a good sport:)
I love the outdoors. Bye-bye everyone! Thanks for stopping by and I hoped you enjoyed this post all about me!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

April - Spring is here!

Spring is a season that is yearned for each year and upon its arrival, I am always reminded to be grateful. I enjoy the birds twittering and pairing up to build their nests. I love the trees and flowers budding and blooming. Everything is just so green, new, and fresh.
Robin eggsSparrow (?) eggs Bleeding heart
I am not sure where/when this plant came about. When we first moved here, I am pretty sure there was NOT one in the front bed. However, every year this plant comes up and is laden with blooms and each time it size increases. It measures more than 3ft across.Dandelions

(You have no idea just how scared I was to peak inside this box.)
One afternoon, Aidan and I were outside enjoying the beautiful weather - I was in the front yard and he was in the back. Out of the blue, he came flying up to me, absolutely panicked - he was almost sobbing and definitely shaking. I hugged him while trying to find out what had terrified him. He tells me that there is something black in his box ( he uses this box to collect grasshoppers). Of course, I was wracking my brain for "black, scary" things that could have climbed in. Reluctantly and carefully, I peered inside, half expecting something to jump out at me. At first, I saw nothing. Great was my relief upon further inspection to see this little bug:)

Pansies from Nana

Hosta (I think)

Dandelion - fluffy seed ball

Here are the robins just hatched (very pink and almost no fuzz)!

And a few days later, already they looked like little fuzz balls.

(They have since flown away)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Head stand tutorial

A few pics documenting Aidan's journey to achieve a head stand. Since balancing on the elbows is so difficult, just try kicking up.
Try not to lean too far backwards or you will end up.....
flipping over. Ooops!

Big brother is sweet enough to demonstrate.

Much better! Now we just need to work on straightening those legs:)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


It is sooooooooo neat seeing the creative ideas of a child. They are incredibly imaginative.
Several months ago, the boys decided that they wanted to make a broomstick like Harry Potter. Well, I wasn't convinced that is was possible, but allowed them to collect the sticks and other supplies they needed. When Patrick got home from work, he helped them to tape it all together.
Here are the results! Sean
My 3 boys ready to fly.
I think they even designed their own quidditch game of sorts. At any rate, it kept them happy for hours/days:)

February - Luke's many faces

This series of pics were taken one night during Luke's "fussy" period in the evening. Mind you, he is such a happy, easy-going baby, that even when he is out of sorts, he is probably no worse than the average happy baby:)Can you guess what is catching his eye?
It is super interesting!!!
You better not quit....
quit what??? Did it ever cross your mind that Patrick and his guitar would be the focal point?
Luke almost always sat happily for the last hour before bedtime enjoying the music.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

January - Aidan's new bed:)

Aidan was LONG-past due a big boy bed, but he never complained. Each night he slept curled up in a ball or with his feet sticking out about 6 in. beyond the end of his mattress. Occasionally, I would even find him half on/half off.Last time in his toddler bed.

Soooooooo proud and happy:)
This was also Drew's first time to get a top bunk. So of course, they all climbed up to hang out. Just had to include a pic of my other 2 men to make this post complete.