Saturday, November 21, 2015

Favorites in My Kitchen

I don't know if this is something that most people think about. But living in another country and with our "stuff" in storage for 2 years, made me more aware of things I can do without vs. products I really love. I thought I would post a few:

I actually came across this about 2 months ago: Ambrosia Honey Co.
This is probably the best honey I have ever tasted.

The red spatula is a new addition that I adore.
The other two tools - pizza cutter and cookie scoop - are the only ones I really wished I had with me in Canada.

This was my first time to try turkey, and I only bought it because the chicken was unavailable. Hands down, the BEST brand of bouillon on the market IMHO.

School snacks... the bane of my existence (variety, amount, cost, no HFCS...) and yet, in high demand. And don't get me started on storing them all. I was tickled when I spotted this idea for storage, and I could not be more pleased.

Art for the Little Man

Luke has been attending an art program after school. He has painted, sketched, built, molded... so many projects. I still need to photograph his best ones (it will be a post for a later date).
Anyways, Asher has been asking to "do art" too.

His first official art project; what a proud boy!!! 
He was so excited and had to show his dad and each of his brothers when they got home.

Raking Leaves

I do remember raking leaves as a little girl (at the Hurley's house). I remember there being oodles of leaves and gobs of fun!!!

Our trees finally dropped their leaves, and now my boys get to build similar childhood memories.

He is their nemesis. 
He just go nuts over the leaves which makes the boys nervous. They lure him away with a stick before jumping into the huge pile.
(yes, it appears our Simba is a boy)


... because sometimes it is hard to just choose one picture.

My happy boys!

PGH - Part 3

I meandered my way through the park down to the fountain, snapping pics as I went.

The boys beat me by several minutes...

 but when they spotted me, they came a-runnin'. 

"Hoo, hoo... hoo, hoo"
Asher loves to warble this certain repetitive sound to irritate commandeer his brothers' attention. 

Can you imagine climbing these stairs?

A perfect November day with the sun shining and the flowers still in bloom.

Asher was not satisfied unless he was right on the edge of the platform, watching for the inbound train. Needless to say, we had to hang on to him - completely normal for him.

We could not have asked for a better day or better company☺

PGH - Part 2

♥ My favorite man in the whole wide world ♥


Aren't they too cute?

Loaded and ready for departure.

Once we were in the water, the guide asked for junior volunteers. Asher was the first and almost the only child to jump at this opportunity. Luke later decided that he also wanted a turn and took his job very seriously.

These Boys of Mine

Mr. Brown Eyes - 4 year old

Mr. Blue Eyes - 8 years old

"Is That Me?"

"Yes," I reply. "Which do you like best?"
"Both!!!" ☺

PGH - Part 1

Up, up, up we go - Dusquesne Incline

What a great view from up here.

Uncle C and Luke

The four guys I had the pleasure of hanging out with for the day.

Brothers - #1 and #3

Observing the inner mechanisms of the incline.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Costumes and Such

They were sweethearts and either made up a costume or used one we already owned.
BTW, I picked this pic not because it is the best one, because it captures their personalities perfectly. 


He sees the camera, he does this. I kid you not.


What a cute little pumpkin!

Hiding out.


Hanging with friends.

This might be favorite neighborhood yet. Most of the children were just that, actual children (not teenagers or adults), and were dressed in adorable costumes. The vast majority of the homes are owned by seniors who were genuinely excited for the children to drop by and loved seeing their varied ensembles.
While Asher did not barge inside houses this year, he was not above peeking in windows when the occupant took "too long" to open the door and/or bargaining for a different or even more treats.
He was, however, very friendly and grateful!