Thursday, November 12, 2015

Costumes and Such

They were sweethearts and either made up a costume or used one we already owned.
BTW, I picked this pic not because it is the best one, because it captures their personalities perfectly. 


He sees the camera, he does this. I kid you not.


What a cute little pumpkin!

Hiding out.


Hanging with friends.

This might be favorite neighborhood yet. Most of the children were just that, actual children (not teenagers or adults), and were dressed in adorable costumes. The vast majority of the homes are owned by seniors who were genuinely excited for the children to drop by and loved seeing their varied ensembles.
While Asher did not barge inside houses this year, he was not above peeking in windows when the occupant took "too long" to open the door and/or bargaining for a different or even more treats.
He was, however, very friendly and grateful!

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