Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Luke perched on Drew:)
Each December, we have established a tradition of "Daddy dates" - Patrick takes each individual boy to the restaurant of their choice, followed by a shopping trip to pick out a gift for their brothers.
Included in this tradition, on Christmas Eve each boy is permitted to pick one gift to open from one of their brothers.
They always have so much fun giving and receiving from one another.

Gifts are chosen and here they are ready to open
(after Mommy takes a picture of course).

Go boys, GO!!!
Luke cracks me up, because he seems to think that no gift can be opened without a picture taken 1st;)

Luke with his gift from Drew!

Aidan opening a gift from Sean.

Drew with his gift from Sean too;)

And Sean with a gift from Drew!

A picture taken just after everything was laid out...

and again, just as Patrick and I headed for bed.

Just want to include a funny story from earlier in the evening:
As I was finishing some last minute wrapping in my bedroom, Luke came looking for me. When he found me in the room with the locked door, he was NOT happy. He promptly started crying and kicking the door begging me to open it. He claimed that he would "not look" (yeah, right) and "not tell Bubbies" (what is there to tell if one is not even looking? Besides, earlier in the day while I was helping him wrap his gifts for his brothers, they came to door and I quickly said, "Don't open the door!" He said, "I'm not. He then proceeded to announce through the door that he was wrapping their candy:). Of course, I calmly talked to him through the door while I kept right on wrapping. After a moment, I heard him sob, "Mommy, touch my fingers. Mommy, hold my hand!" I looked over at the door to discover his litttle hand shoved as far under the door as he could get it. I crawled over, touched his hand, stroked his fingers and then shoved my hand as far under as I could get it, so that he could see my fingers.
What a dramatic little guy!
And with that, wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Winnipeg - take 4

Saturday morning we all hung out at the hotel during the morning and afternoon.
All of the early mornings/late nights and especially jetlag for our family from Japan finally caught up with everyone. Chris took the kids swimming, while I cared for Kaylie (she slept practically the entire time) since Satomi wasn't feeling well.

Andrew, Catherine, and Maria

Watching cartoons while lazing on the bed.

Watching cartoons, lazing on the bed, and putting Kaylie to sleep;)

It didn't take long.

What an angelic sleeping baby!
Seriously, she napped for probably 3-4 hours.

Time for some Ribs!

The kids end of the table.

Watching Natalie .....
make art:)

Mmmmmmmm, that sure taste good!
Even better, I am sure it felt good on her soar gums (she was teething).

Catherine and Chris

The adult end of the table.

Kaylie and I

The next morning we all enjoyed an breakfast/brunch which I will attempt to describe:
Made to order and prepared as you watch: omelettes, pancakes, belgium waffles, french toast...
fish, sausage, bacon, chicken, every cold salad one could possibly imagine and then more, vegetables, shrimp, ice cream bar, chocolate fondue fountain...

All served in the foyer around this Christmas tree.

Winnipeg - take 3

This post has a LOT of pictures from Eva's reception held at Fort Garry in Winnipeg.

The Queen of the hour and her granddaughter, Natalie -
preparing to pass out these beautiful bags (created from old Japanese Kimonos) to all the female guests:) What a sweet gift from Fumi and Lenko (so sorry - not sure how to spell your names).

Beautiful Natalie

Kaylie and her daddy, Christopher

Lewis and Drew enjoying a scrumptious buffet dinner.

Conal and Catherine


Drew and Lewis were almost constantly found together.
Here they are browsing pics on Satomi's (Lewis' mother) camera.

Chris delivering a brief explanation regarding the lovely bags.

These are 2 of Eva's friends who travelled all the way from Japan for Eva's celebration.
Oh, and they are ones who made the bags:)

Sean and Grandad (aka Michael)

The girls:)

Everyone at the reception surprised Natalie by singing her happy birthday and presenting her with a small "cake".

Satomi and Kaylie making a wish,

and Lewis making a wish.

The kids passed the candle around taking turns.

Classic Kaylie pose when confronted by strangers.
Also, notice the purse on her arm - too cute!

She also managed to "snitch" someone's snow boots for a few minutes:)

Winnipeg - take 2

Time for some fun:)

The kids went back and forth between the whirlpool hot tub (just emptied, cleaned, and refilled the day before:), and the pool.

This little cutie pie wanted soooooo badly to climb into the pool.

Thanks to a small fever due to teething, a little toe dipping was all she was allowed.

Miss Kaylie in all her adorableness!!!

Winnipeg - take 1

December 16th -

What a spectacular evening!
I could hardly wait to see her work in real life, and it did NOT dissappoint!
Three times, I slowly walked through the gallery viewing both her stunning sculptures and incredible drawings. Each time, I saw something I had previously missed; or revisited a piece that struck me in such a completely different manner, it was almost like seeing it again for the first time.
All I can say is that I really wish each and everyone of you could have the same opportunity.
I have not blogged for several days, because I wanted so badly to photograph and share my favorites with you. However, until I receive her permission, I have decided against it at the present moment.

Eva sweetly agreed to pose with us:)

Drew, Lewis, and Natalie

I just LOVE this photo of Maria!

It is hard for kids to sit in a gallery for 3+ hours, but they behaved wonderfully!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 Days Later...

and over the course of the next week,
it snowed...

and snowed...

and SNOWED!!!

So Exciting!!!
God's creation is truly diverse and spectacular!