Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aidan and Apps

To Nathan and Noah:
This is a new app I just discovered.
It is called SpaceEffect FX!!!
Check it out at free apps "Top 25", have fun, and make sure to post your creations for me.

Your next!!!
 (hahahahahahahaha - *evil laughter*)

Monday, September 17, 2012

HCA - update #1

Week 1: Wednesday through Friday noon
Mostly comprised of organizing - books, lockers, binders, schedules...
And, of course, introductions - fellow students and teachers.

Week 2: Monday and Tuesday
More of the same above with very little homework.
Wednesday through Friday
7-12th grade RETREAT (LOL, yes, you read that correctly)
A special time of bonding for all of the older students included:
2x daily chapel, games, free time, and 3 nutritious, delicious meals + an evening snack.
Oh, and they both tried out for the soccer team:)
To say that the transition to private school has gone smoothly is somewhat of an understatement (thus far). 
They have been spoiled, made friends, and in general, LOVE their new school! 
I do miss them, but I also feel that we made the right decision.
Sharing the responsibility of education with another has lightened my load tremendously, and communication between us (the parents) and the school has been fantastic!!! 

A few pictures from their weekend retreat:

Main building

 Deck on the back of the main building...sneaked 1 pic of Sean.
(trying not to be "the Mom" who embarrasses her sons to death... they are truly growing up)

View from the deck

(as I told them, this was rather like camping at the Hilton... if you catch my drift... at first they were not thrilled and claimed that they would rather camp like they did with "Mr. Frank/the VanHoeves":)

Egg, larva, pupa, oh my!!!

Day 1:
. Collected 4 caterpillars
. Researched online both to identify and to ascertain their food source
. Placed them in jars with some leaves connected to a twig and for one caterpillar, an apple too
. Covered the jar with a paper towel held in place with a rubberband

Day 2:
. Awoke to discover:
. 1 caterpillar expired
. 1 caterpillar already encased in a cocoon
. 1 caterpillar busily munching on an apple
. 1 caterpillar just lazing around, but slowly changing in color and size

. Researched online again to attempt to discover a tastier food source for "Mr. Lazy"
. Collected 2 more caterpillars (make that 3 - apparently there was a bonus baby caterpillar)

It has provided great entertainment for the boys to observe the different caterpillars. 
Are you familiar with "wanderlust"?
Already 2 of the caterpillars have exhibited this behaviour - one is now in a cocoon and the other is busily encasing himself even as I type (I can actually hear him working).
Did you know that they need no extra water other than what is contained in the leaves/fruit they eat?

Noctuid Moth Caterpillar
(Day 1, apples)

 Lophocampa maculata - Spotted Tussock
(Day 1, "wanderlust", spun a cocoon overnight)

Danata Contracta - aka "Mr. Lazy"
(Day 1, Sycamore) 

Halysidota tessellaris - Banded Tussock
(Day 2, Wild Cherry - chowing down)
The "bonus" caterpillar is hiding somewhere in the jar with him.

Dasychira obliquata - Streaked Tussock
(Day 2, "wanderlust", started a cocoon overnight)

Will add to this post as things progress...
there will be no more pictures of this project, UNLESS I can choose and buy a camera in the next few days.

Good morning:)

Asher was apparently invited to a 4am party, which lasted for almost 3 hours.
He giggled, played, ate, helped me wake his big brothers and prepare their lunches, and is now back asleep in his bed.
Here I sit with the sun rising off to my right, and 5 (make that 6) caterpillars surrounding my computer in various stages of metamorphosis.
It is so peaceful and quiet (at least for a little while longer;)
I look forward to what portends to be a beautiful day!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Back to School 2012

 Sean (15) entered 10th grade at HCA.

Drew (14) entered 9th grade at HCA.

And not to leave the younger boys out...
they worked hard today too:)