Monday, September 17, 2012

HCA - update #1

Week 1: Wednesday through Friday noon
Mostly comprised of organizing - books, lockers, binders, schedules...
And, of course, introductions - fellow students and teachers.

Week 2: Monday and Tuesday
More of the same above with very little homework.
Wednesday through Friday
7-12th grade RETREAT (LOL, yes, you read that correctly)
A special time of bonding for all of the older students included:
2x daily chapel, games, free time, and 3 nutritious, delicious meals + an evening snack.
Oh, and they both tried out for the soccer team:)
To say that the transition to private school has gone smoothly is somewhat of an understatement (thus far). 
They have been spoiled, made friends, and in general, LOVE their new school! 
I do miss them, but I also feel that we made the right decision.
Sharing the responsibility of education with another has lightened my load tremendously, and communication between us (the parents) and the school has been fantastic!!! 

A few pictures from their weekend retreat:

Main building

 Deck on the back of the main building...sneaked 1 pic of Sean.
(trying not to be "the Mom" who embarrasses her sons to death... they are truly growing up)

View from the deck

(as I told them, this was rather like camping at the Hilton... if you catch my drift... at first they were not thrilled and claimed that they would rather camp like they did with "Mr. Frank/the VanHoeves":)

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