Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Favorite pictures from January '09

January had exactly 40 pictures, and it was quite easy to choose my favorites - here they are in chronological order.

Drew trying out the baby backpack, and Luke loving it!!!
Yes, my little boy LOVES to vacuum (wonder where he got that from).
Some of his earliest tantrums were with regards to "allowing" Mommy to have a turn.
Luke and Sean sharing a spaghetti noodle:)

What a happy boy!

Sleepy heads


and Robin.
(NOT sidekick, I want to be the hero!)

Singing, yelling,..... who knows?

Nana got Luke a vest so that he could be just like his big brothers!

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K. Humby said...

So cute!!!! Wow! Can't decide who Luke will most favor out of his older brothers. Hmmm... maybe no one!?! :) They are all handsome boys! Love the batman pics and noodle pic!