Monday, July 20, 2015

Twitching Here and There

Aidan and I have tried to sneak in a few short, local birding trips. Mostly we find birds that we have previously seen, but it is still exciting every.single.time!

Aidan discovered this nest with a few baby birds in it. But a week later when we showed up with our cameras, the fledglings had already flown.

Eastern Phoebe

This was another location, new day and nest, but we are pretty sure these are also Eastern Phoebe nestlings.

Yellow Warbler - male

Ring-billed Gull

Eastern Bluebird - patriotic male

How I wish the focus was sharp...if you look carefully on the left, you can spot the young Bluebird, with mouth wide open, as Papa zooms in with a tasty morsel.

Eastern Bluebird - fledgling

Eastern Bluebird - male

 Carolina Chickadee with a caterpillar for her young

Bobolink - male (Lifer)
This song of this bird is my absolute favorite!!!

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