Saturday, November 08, 2014

Cousins are FUN!

What a privilege to stop by my brother's house recently - not once, not twice, but THREE times!
The kids and I built paper airplanes and took turns seeing who could fly them the farthest down the hallway or up over the balcony. I even got to quickly dress one of their American dolls. And a "late night" game with their LED frisbee was the perfect way to wear them out while enjoying their squeals and giggles.
Thankfully, they also played quite well together, affording my SIL and I a lot of time to catch up.
After the kids went to bed, the adults enjoyed a light snack and chatting! So relaxing and enjoyable!

Aren't they the cutest bunch?

My beautiful niece being an awesome big cousin.

What a sweetheart!

Male bonding at its best :)

Focused ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Relaxed

I love that they are learning Weng Chun together!

Check out those roundhouse kicks.

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