Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Late Afternoon Swim

Kids, especially teenagers, when in the presence of other teens, love to bounce from one thing to the next. So from Little League, we headed for the pool.

Snorkeling? Yes, please.


a little lovin'...


and a lot of crazy stunts performed by the boys.

"Hold em' up!"

A swimmer in the making.

10 - 1 = 9
(only Asher is missing in this pic)

I may not have any daughters, but I do claim to have some pretty fabulous young ladies in my life!

One would have thought that between LL and an evening swim, they would have been worn out; but NO. They went on to watch 2 movies after dinner + board games = bedtime around 3am insisted upon by a parent. In their defense, they planned a very late night on Friday vs. Saturday ☺ 

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Jennifer Boll said...

I know that parent!