Friday, September 18, 2015

Field Trip #1: Coal Mine

We found it ☺

Happy, excited boys

Somehow in my anxiety to NOT be late, I was an hour off. We arrived VERY early. Having time to kill, we wandered around for a bit.

For sale: Medical Mine Rescue truck. The boys wanted to buy it.

An old caboose. 
We were inside checking it out, until we noticed a termite infestation above our heads. We exited quickly!

I couldn't even get Luke to walk down this path. Asher went in a little ways with me and then ran back out. I kept going a little further, but it was spooky.

Rocking the hard hats.

Riding in this tiny metal rectangle deep inside the mine, Asher was a bit nervous and Luke rather excited.

Pretty close to modern day technology...

I was already feeling faintly claustrophobic. Our tour guide informing us that the ceiling actually sank as the coal was removed... I made sure to focus and not think about it. There were very few places I could even stand up completely. 
The boys declared the field trip to be EPIC, when they realized they could collect a sample of coal. They even brought one home for Aidan ☺

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