Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Dad's Brothers

Dad's younger brother and wife. 
We enjoyed talking, Wii, fishing, target practice, and an absolutely delicious dinner!

He has been wanting to hold a fish for awhile. Finally, he got his chance!
I find it quite funny, because none of the other boys would ever make this request.

Dip the hook in...

and yank out a fish. 

Catch of the day: Sunfish... or is it Bluegill???

Brave boy LOVED this swing. He swung high enough to strip leaves out of the tree... one of his older brothers attempted this, but failed, and the other wouldn't even take a turn.

That blur is my boy, Asher!

Showing off his leaf to Mommy!

We headed down the lane to visit my Dad's older brother and wife.
More food, cookies and homemade chocolate covered trail mix, and a nice chat while the boys played in the basement!
I haven't seen my Uncles and Aunts for years. Hard to believe that we will be moving to their area come August ♥

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