Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Picnic at the Beach

As we make our last turn, the boys excitedly exclaim that the beach is EMPTY. It is ALL ours!
We park and jump out of the van... immediately realizing that it is much colder than we had expected. Who cares? We brought plenty of jackets and hats!
Meanwhile, Patrick grabbed the bags, got everything set up, and then passed out the sandwiches once we were situated.
I *think* we managed maybe 1-2 bites each and fled for the van. 
Too windy, too cold!!!!
Who could have predicted that it was almost 10 degrees colder on the other side of the bay - brrrrrrrrr!

The view was still gorgeous from inside!

Daddy even bought candy for desert!

Mmmmmmm, Mars bars,

and red licorice!

We will be back!!!!

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