Monday, May 20, 2013

5 Brothers

Some might wonder what is special about this particular post. 
No, it is not showing off my sons' athletic abilities.
I confess that when we sent the 2 older boys to private school this year, we were concerned how it would affect their relationship with each other and with their younger siblings. I can't deny that is has changed things - the dynamics, the amount of time...
But I am proud to show you that they all still enjoy each others' company and no one is left out!

just happy dash around outside with his big brothers.

 who quickly and forcefully responded, "Just do it!!!" when we first approached him about giving Aidan a certain, early birthday present right after we belatedly presented him with a similar present.

who was quick to express to us, "This - his brothers receiving and everyone getting to rip board together  - is almost like getting a birthday present for himself."

who was 100% content for Sean to receive a rip board, even though he really wanted one and would be the only "big brother" without one.

and Luke...
cheerfully borrowing Drew's skateboard to participate in his own way.

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