Monday, June 03, 2013

Lots of Love

I assure you, he is not lacking for attention or love!

Aidan and Asher
These two really have a special relationship right now. Outside of  "Dadda" (his 1st word) and "Momma", "Aida" (Asher has been saying "Aida" for months, but only recently began trying to say his other brothers' names) is the one he calls for in the morning, the one he sits with during a movie, the one he yells for in the middle of the night if we refuse to get him out of his crib...

Luke and Asher
They are really starting to play together! Although, *if* Luke doesn't respond right away to Asher's demands, Asher is quick to pinch, smack, or bite :(

Daddy and Asher

More "cheesy" faces for Aidan!

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